Best Features

Text Messages

Have access to the content of your child’s messages.

Call Records

Gain key insight into who your child is talking to.


Ensure that all your child’s photos are images to be proud of!


Know what your child is exploring, and when.


See who your child is talking to, and what they talk about.

Address Book

Monitor who you allow into your child’s life.

Instant Lock

Lock your child’s phone from wherever you are!

Schedule Daily Usage

Agree upon how much phone time is enough phone time.

Time Limits

Create fixed boundaries around the amount of screen time your child is allowed.

Bed Time

Ensure that no devices interfere with your child’s rest.

Dinner Time

You no longer need to set a place at the table for a distracting device!

School Time

Help your children focus, both in and outside the classroom.

Real-Time Tracker

Know where your children are at all times.

Location History

Access information about where your child has been and when.


Find out if your child steps outside a geographical safety zone.

Check Ins

Get notifications from your child informing you of their safety.


Know when your child needs you, for a pick up or emergency.

Speed Alerts

Know when your child has gone over the speed limit!

Block Apps

Have the power to decide what apps are best for your child.

Website Filtering

Set limitations of where your child is allowed to wonder digitally.

Time Control

Set parental control to the amount of time your child is locked into their screen.

Keyword Alerts

Be alerted when your child searches specific topics.

Email Reports

Receive reports on your child’s digital activities right to your inbox.

Chores and Tasks

You no longer have to keep a roster of chores on the fridge!

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android Phones and Tablets.
(iOS 8.0 - 11.x / Android 4.2 - 7.x)

Learn How Family Orbit can Help
You Gain Peace of Mind.

Understanding what your child is doing online is vital for their health and safety. Our parental control app enables you to set limits on what they can access and provides you with information regarding the resources they use every day.

By making certain your children are doing the right thing you’re able to ensure that they have the best opportunity to learn and grow as they approach adulthood. A cell phone, when properly monitored, is a tool that can vastly increase independence for youth.

The parental control app gives you the safety and peace of mind to run your lives and household. Technology puts you in control, rather than being controlled by it!

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