10 Ways to Keep Kids Safe in Crowded Public Places

Taking the family out to a crowded public place can be overwhelming for parents. It’s tough to keep track of all of your belongings and make sure that everyone sticks together. Here are 10 helpful ways to keep kids safe in crowded public places:

  1. Designate a Meet-Up Location

Once you arrive, take a minute to regroup and designate a meet-up location. It could be near an entrance, at the food court or a specific store or restaurant, or even by the security desk, depending on the place. Make sure that everyone knows to meet there if you become separated at some point.

  1. Hold Hands

Something as simple as making sure that the kids hold hands, whether it’s with an adult or their siblings, will keep them safer in busy areas. Make it the family rule that everyone holds hands with someone when you’re out in crowds, like at an amusement park or a busy shopping mall. For small children that don’t want to hold hands, keep them in a stroller or shopping cart.

  1. Teach Kids to Trust Their Instinct

If a situation or a person just doesn’t seem safe, your child’s gut instinct should kick in. Teach your kids to listen to that little voice inside of them that alerts them to the potential danger of a situation or a suspicious individual. If their instincts tell them that a situation is potentially dangerous, they should run away and find an authority figure that they can trust.

  1. Ensure that everyone has Their Cell Phone

Cell phones make it easy to keep the family connected today. Make sure that everyone has their cell phone with them, and that the batteries are charged up. Tell the kids to turn their ringer volume up so that they can hear if you need to call them, and use cell phone monitoring to track their location.

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  1. Use Your Family Tracker App

A family locator app is perhaps the best tool that you can use to keep your family safe. With a family tracker app, you can easily see everyone’s location in real time. If you become separated or decide to spit up in a public place, all you need to do is check the location to see where each family member is at any given time. It’s the perfect way to have peace of mind when going out anywhere.

  1. Explain Stranger Danger to Your Kids

From the time that your children are old enough to understand, you want to talk to them about the dangers of going off with a stranger. You don’t want them to be afraid of everyone, but explain that they should not go off anywhere with someone they don’t know.

  1. Give Kids an ID tag

If you’re going to a busy place like an amusement park, it’s a good idea to give each of your children an ID tag. It could in the form of a sticker, a wristband, or even just a small card with their name and your cell phone number on it. Another option that is gaining popularity is temporary tattoos that have their name and number on them.

  1. Use a Safety Harness

Some parents feel better about taking their toddlers to crowded places by using a safety harness. It’s ideal for new walkers, and it helps keep toddlers from running or wandering off.

  1. Make Kids ask for Permission

It’s important to explain to kids of all ages that they need to ask you for permission before they go off anywhere. In crowded places, they should always let an adult know before they go off to another area.

  1. Talk Before You Go

One of the best things that you can do before heading out for the day is to talk to your family about where you’re going. Discuss what you’ll be doing there, and review the safety basics. By getting everyone on the same page, you can have more confidence that they outing will go smoothly and safety.

Lauren May

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