How to Use a Family Tracking App to Monitor Teenagers Driving

When teenagers finally get their driver’s license, it can lead to a lot of anxiety for parents. There are worries about their safety out on the road, as well as concerns about where they’re going. A family tracking app is a simple and smart way to keep tabs on your teen as they get behind the wheel. Here are 3 ways that teenage driver monitoring can be made easy with a tracking app:

Track their driving speed with automatic alerts

Many parents are concerned that their teens will drive a little too fast, putting themselves and others in danger on the roadways. An app to monitor driving speed will allow you to see just how fast or slow your child is going as they are behind the wheel of a vehicle. Automatic alerts will be sent to you right away if your teen is exceeding the speed limit. You can make sure that they are not only following the speed limit on specific roadways, but you can also see if they have a tendency to drive too fast in general. If they are prone to speeding, you can take the time to talk about it with them.

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Monitor their location history to see their driving path

Even if you don’t have trust issues with your teen, you’re naturally going to be concerned with their safety when they’re out driving on their own. A tracking app will allow you to check in on their location history so that you can see what roads they’re driving on and what path they are taking to reach their destinations. If you ask them where they have gone but have doubts about the truthfulness of their answer, you can simply check on the location history to see where they really were when they were out driving. You also may want to advise them on what routes to avoid, or on which roadways you think would be a safer or smarter option for them.

Set up a geo-fence to be notified of their arrival

A family tracking app can help parents let go of the anxiety that they may feel when their kids leave the house. By setting up a geo-fence, you can receive a helpful notification that will let you know when your child has arrived at their destination. It’s the easiest way to ensure that they are going where they say they are going, and that they arrive there safely and in a timely manner. It’s ideal for parents who are concerned about whether or not their child is being truthful about their location.

Even if trust is not an issue, safety is always a concern. The geo-fence feature allows parents to have peace of mind, knowing that their child reached their destination, without the need to confirm it with a phone call. This also helps to save you time, since you’ll get the notification quickly, and there won’t be a need for phone calls or texts back and forth.

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A family tracking app offers parents peace of mind when teens are behind the wheel of a vehicle. From monitoring location history to receiving speed alerts to creating geo-fences, there are simple ways to check in with your teen’s driving habits and to ensure their safety. Teenage driver monitoring is a helpful and smart solution for parents and teens alike.

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