[Infographic] High Tech Parents And Their Low Tech Kids

If you think you and your kids seem to spend more time staring at a screen than you used to you are not imagining it. Even in the space of just 12 months, as new technology and gadgets hold our attention for longer, many of us spend an average of an hour more each day consuming some sort of media, than we did a year ago.

 This infographic takes a look at our relationship with tech and looks at what our media consumption habits are and what they should be to get a better balance.

tech and kids safety

 It is always going to be a challenge to limit access to the internet and all the digital media outlets that kids have instant and easy access to these days. There is a look at how the tech elite, some of the industry leaders who are responsible for bring these devices and gadgets into our lives, manage screen time for their children.

 That turns out to be an interesting study when you discover that the former CEO of Apple Steve Jobs, doesn’t give his own kids access to an iPad.

 There are some suggested tech limit guidelines to look at which not only make sense from a health and lifestyle balance perspective but also from a safety point of view so that you know what your kids are watching online.

Source: http://www.whoishostingthis.com/blog/2016/11/14/high-tech-parents/

infographic high tech parent

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Aliya Beck is the content marketing manager at AppObit LLC with a Masters in English and a total work experience of over 10 years.
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