5 Common Myths of Parental Control Apps

With more and more kids having access to a smartphone, limiting or controlling their access to the online world has indeed become a necessity. There are many websites out there that can steal their identity, lead to abuse or which provide them with content inappropriate for their age. A good way to control where a child has access when he/she browser the web is to install a parental control app, as this is a great solution for promoting web safety for children. However, many adults seem to be wary about using these apps, so let’s find out and explain some of the most common parental control all myths!

  1. They are very hard to use

On the contrary, the parental control app has an intuitive interface which means that you can easily access it and limit the reachability of your child in the online world as you see fit. In fact, most of these apps are highly customizable so you can easily add or modify features depending on your needs.

parental control child monitoring apps

  1. The child can bypass them

No he can’t, because the parental control app is designed with professionalism and security in mind. No one but the parent will be able to modify the content in them because the applications come with multiple levels of security that will re-assure them they are being used by an adult. This means that you don’t have to worry about the child breaking the password or modifying anything.

  1. They can’t limit access to malicious sites in their entirety

Yes they can, because you are in complete control. You have a list of sites that you can choose from, or you can add your own to that list if you want, there are no restrictions in this regard. As long as your list of malicious website is complete, there won’t be any problem. In fact, many parental apps actually guide you through some of the categories that might be malicious for your child and you can choose the ones to block, as this adds up to the overall convenience.

  1. Not enough privacy settings

Don’t think such a thing, because each parental control app provides you with a multitude of privacy features, so you are definitely going to obtain astounding results and an extraordinary convenience as a whole, something you will like right from the start.

  1. My child can delete the app

Once you install a parental control app it will automatically modify the system settings, so even if the child attempts to delete the application, the changes will be there and won’t be modifiable!


In conclusion, you shouldn’t believe these 5 myths and instead you should focus on using a parental control app. This will help you enhance your child’s safety and security, something that’s imperative in the thriving yet malicious online world. Remember, all you have to do is to install a parental control app and your child won’t have access to any malicious content!

Alexandru Tanase

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