What Parents can do to Prevent Underage Alcohol Abuse

One of the toughest problems that many families with adolescents and teens face is underage drinking. Many kids begin to experiment with alcohol in their early teens, and sadly, it can lead to dangerous and sometimes deadly situations. It’s up to parents to ensure the safe and healthy of their children, so teenage drinking prevention has to be a primary concern. Here are some of the most effective ways that parents can prevent underage alcohol abuse:

Discuss the dangers of alcohol abuse

It is so important that parents take an active and involved role in the lives of their teens, no matter how challenging it may be at times. Having open and honest discussions about the dangers of risky behavior, especially alcohol abuse, will help to build trust and improve communication. Although teens and parents often clash at times, it’s so important that moms and dads make every effort to build a strong relationship with their kids.

underage drinking abuse prevention

Parents have to be aware of who their teens are spending time with and what kind of company they are keeping, both in school and in social settings. Before a teen leave the house to attend a social function, parents have to ask questions about who will be there and what types of activities will be occurring. Setting ground rules is a must, and teens need to have consequences if they break the rules. We recommend you monitor your teenager with Family Orbit to ensure their safety and discover any signs of alcohol abuse.

Set the right example

Parents have a responsibility to be a strong, positive role model for their children. It isn’t enough to simply discuss the dangers of alcohol abuse, since actions speak louder than words. Parents can model good behavior by drinking alcohol in moderation and by never drinking and getting behind the wheel of a vehicle. Parents should always use a designated driver if they are going to be drinking outside of the home, and should keep themselves out of risky and dangerous situations.

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Understand the risk factors of alcohol abuse

There are some signs and risk factors that parents need to be on the lookout for, when it comes to underage drinking. If a teen starts to become more withdrawn from family life and their usual social situations, parents need to find out why. If they start hanging out with a new group of friends, staying out past their curfew, or getting in trouble with authority figures in school, it should be cause for concern.

Additionally, if the teen comes from a family that has a history of alcoholism, that can leave them more vulnerable to abusing alcohol at some point. Teens suffering from depression, anxiety, or other difficult emotional issues are also at a higher risk of abusing substances, including alcohol.

Underage drinking is a concern for many families, but by being aware of the dangers and staying involved in their children’s lives, parents can work to prevent it. Parents need to be a good role model, keep communication strong with their teens, and understand the risk factors. Teenage drinking prevention has to be an ongoing effort that families make over the years.

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