How to track an iPhone from Android phone?


iPhone and Android phones are well, Apple and Oranges. Not the same thing. If you are wish to track an iPhone and you are also using an iPhone, you have the option to use Find My Friends app on the Apple’s platform to do so. However, if your child has an iPhone and you got an Android phone like Samsung, HTC, Nexus or Pixels, you will have to make use of third party GPS tracking apps to make tracking an iPhone possible with an Android phone. Here’s how:


Tracking an iPhone with Android phone for Free


If your child is using an iPhone, you may enable Find My Phone service on the iPhone and then login to to track his or her phone from your Android’s web browser. You will need to know the Apple ID and Password to log in to Additionally if the Apple ID is protected with 2FA, you will have a way to enter the 2FA code from the phone itself or another device logged added to the same Apple ID. This makes this relatively hard, but this is the only free way to track an iPhone with other platform.


How to use Family Orbit to locate an iPhone with Android


Family Orbit is a family tracking solution that will help you track devices from any platform to locate one another. It is easy and simple, to install Family Orbit, simply download the app on your phone and then create an account.


Now invite your family with whom you wish to share each other’s location. Simply enter the name and email address of them and they would be sent an invitation to do so.


In case if you wish to add a child to your family, you can just take their device, download and install Family Orbit and then log in with your own account’s email address and password. The app will prompt who uses the device, to which you can select Child. And then enter the child’s name. Now Family Orbit will be set on your child’s device and you can track your child’s iPhone from your own Android phone.


As an account holder or adult member of the Family Orbit, you also have the option to Go Invisible. This feature will stop logging and sharing your location with other members of the family upon your wish. This is great, if you wish to track your child’s iPhone with your own but you don’t wish to share your location with your child.


Why is Family Orbit better than Find My Phone


Family Orbit offers more features than Find My Phone does. Here are top 10 reasons to choose Family Orbit over the platform specific solution:


1.     Family Orbit is cross platform, allowing you to track an iPhone with Android, or other way around.

2.     Family Orbit allows you to view a history of location, so you can go back to any date and see when and where your child was at any specific day and time.

3.     With Family Orbit you can get notifications when your child arrives at or leave a specific geographical area such as school or home.

4.     You can use Family Orbit to share your location with your family at specific moments of the day by the Check In option.

5.     In case of an emergency, your child may use the Panic feature to share his whereabouts with all family members.

6.     You can set up speed monitoring, and get alerts when your child is driving or is in a car going over the set speed limit.

7.     With Family Orbit you can also track the address book, photos, events, and mobile data usage of your child besides the location.

8.     You can also set screen time limit on your child’s phone to prevent over usage of the phone.

9.     You can also block content and apps on your child’s iPhone which are inappropriate for his or her age.

10.  With Family Orbit, iCloud Monitoring service, you can monitor your child’s text messages, iMessages, Call History and WhatsApp messages.


So you can see it is possible to find an iPhone with Android phone and there is both free or better methods to achieve the same. Try the free trial of Family Orbit to locate and track your children now.


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