Family Locator

Keep tabs on family members in near real time with the locator feature. Select a family member, and see where they are located at any time throughout the day or night. This is perfect for parents who want to know where their child is at, especially if the child is not responding to text messages or answering phone calls. Parents can know where their teen or tween is at all times.



Call & SMS Tracker

Monitor call details including date, number, and duration via our cell phone monitoring app. Track sent and received text messages and iMessages. This is an easy way to know that your child isn’t involved in texting impermissible messages or talking with someone you don’t want them to be friends with.


Monitor Photos

Take control over the content on your child’s phone with photo monitoring. Parents can see what images are being saved and stored on their kid’s phones. It’s a great way to keep unwanted content off of the child’s device and monitor the photos that they may be sending or receiving.



Location History

Verify where a family member has been by checking the location history. Parents can see a log of the locations where their child has been, according to the location of their mobile device. This is an excellent way to ensure that teens and tweens are telling the truth about where they have been, and it’s also an easy way for parents to keep tabs on their child’s location throughout the day.


Family Places

With Family Places, parents can create virtual geo fences from 150 meters to 2000 meters, around specific locations, such as the family home.

When a family member arrives or leaves the specified area, parents will automatically receive a notification to alert them. With this feature enabled, you will always be able to know when your kids leave the boundaries of the virtual fence, giving you peace of mind of knowing when kids arrive home from school, or when they head out somewhere.



Monitor Address Book

See who is being added to the address book in family member’s phones. This is helpful for parents, allowing them to know when new contacts are added to their child’s device.


Monitor Data Usage

Family Orbit lets you review the data usage of your family's phones from your own phone. You can use it to track the amount of data your children use on their smartphone and ensure they are not overusing their bandwidth.

Protect yourself against unexpected overage fees and ensure that your kids are not over-consuming streaming media over the cellular or wireless network.



Monitor Calendar Events

Keep informed of your children’s planned daily events: when they are going to have their guitar lesson and the date of their soccer practice.

Family Orbit will monitor all the calendar events and reminders that are added to your child's phone and let you browse them from your own device. You can ensure that your child is making best use of their time by reviewing their schedule.


Monitor Web History

See the URLs your kid has gone by while using the web browsers in their cell phone. The application gives you a chance to look over the whole browser history with the goal that you can track all their online activities.

Your kid's online security is priceless. That is the reason you should discover consistently if the sites your kid visits are ok for them or not. By giving complete details of the web history, the app helps you affirm that your youngster isn't manhandling their web privilege.



Device Information

Get the most current information about a family member’s device, including how much battery power their device has left, whether they have Wi-Fi, and more. Parents can make sure that kids have power and service on their cell phones so that they can keep in touch.


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