Family Locator App

Make locating and contacting your family easy regardless of the situation with Family Orbit’s new family locator app. All it takes to get started is to download and access the apps on all the iPhone and Android devices you and your family use every day.

Using the family locator is as easy as logging into your special account on your mobile device or computer. Try it today!

App Features

Real-Time Family Locator

Know Instantly Where Every Member of Your Family Is Around-The-Clock

Location History

Know Where Your Child Has Been to See If Something Strange Is Going on

Geo Fence

Be Alerted When Your Child Arrives at a Designated Location

Panic or Pickup

Give Your Children a Quick Way of Letting You Know When to Pick Them up

Family Chat

Message or Share Photos with Your Family one-on-one or with your entire family


Keep an Eye out for Your Children Regardless of the Devices You or They Use

How It Works


Create Your Account on Our Site or Mobile App


Install Our App on Your Children Cell Phones and Add Them to Your Account


Use the Family Locator from Your Phone or Computer Any time

Family Locator App

How Can a Family Locator App Help You?

Once your child becomes a young adult it is vital to balance security with freedom. A family locator app enables you to keep an eye on where your child is without having to resort to numerous phone calls or highly restrictive curfews or distance limits.

It also serves as a discrete way for you and your child to communicate during emergencies. All it takes is the push one button in the Family Orbit App to locate and reach out to your young adult.

How to Use Family Locator on a Trip?

After installing and registering the application on all your children’s devices keeping tabs on them is as easy as logging in. By using Family Orbit’s app, you can create Geo Fences on the fly and allow your children the freedom to explore wherever you have decided to vacation.

Our application works wherever your child's phone has an Internet connection. It is possible to use Family Locator in locations around the world.

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