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Do you feel like kids are growing up faster than ever before? Texting all their friends, always on their phone and online with social media, they never want to sit down with their parents anymore! With Family Orbit, we are here to help make this daunting task a little easier to manage. Text monitoring makes it so much easier to keep an eye on your kids and what they’re doing.


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Logging Features

SMS Tracker

Use our app to monitor not only what your kids are texting but when they are texting as well. It’s a matter of keeping them on the right path and the safe path!

Call History

Our app allows you to keep an eye on any dangerous stranger calls that might be coming in to their line, giving you the ability to take action.

GPS Tracker

With our GPS tracker, you can see where they are at anytime allowing you to know they are safe. Location history will show you the child's daily movement.

Photos & Videos

Take a peek at what photos and videos your kids are sending and being sent, what they are storing on their device or sharing to the world.

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Protect Against Cyberthreats

Track Text Messages

SMS Tracker Identify Online Dangers

From Sexting to Cyber bullying, online dangers are alarming. Monitor text messages to identify signs of online dangers.

Protect Against Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Is your child on drugs or drinking underage? Know for sure.

Track Call History
Track Web History

Monitor Communication with Strangers

SMS Tracker App helps you identify if the child is talking with strangers on dating sites.

How It Works

Step 1

Create Your Account on Our Site or Mobile App

Step 2

Install Our SMS Tracker App - Family Orbit on Your Children Cell Phones and Add Them to Your Account

Step 3

Relax While Tracking Your Children from Anywhere at Any Time

24/7 Support

We offer customer support 24 hours a day, seven days a week to ensure any questions you may have on this optimal tool get answered and get answered quickly.

Compatible with Android & iOS

Family Orbit SMS Tracker is fully compatible with the latest Android 9.0 and iPhone OS 12 with 2FA enabled Apple IDs.

Safe & Secure

Family Orbit app is compliant by KidSAFE+ COPPA Certitified ensuring your child's data is safe and protected as per the FTC regulations.


$ 19.95 / month
$ 89.95 / year

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