Parental Control Android

Easily and Quickly monitor your child’s location and phone activities with Family Orbit, a top parental control and tracking app. Our tool enables you to monitor everything from current location to pictures, text messages, call logs, apps, and more.


Our easy-to-use Parental Control App enables you to monitor and manage your child’s phone activities from wherever you are. All you need to do is sign up and add your child to your family account. After the application has been installed on their device tracking and monitoring starts immediately.

Track GPS Location

Know Where Your Child is by Locating Their Phone through GPS

Monitor Calls and SMS Activities

Know Who Your Child Is Communicating with and See Their Text with Ease

Monitor Contacts and Calendar

See What Is Happening in Your Child’s Life by Monitoring Their Calendar and Contact List

Monitor Photos

Make Certain Your Children Are Only Taking Appropriate Photos

Monitor Mobile Data Usage

Keep Your Data Bill Under Control by Knowing How Much Data Your Child Is Using

Wi-Fi History and Device Info

Know Where Your Child Is Accessing the Internet with the Press of a Single Button

It Works


Step 1

Create Your Account on Our Site or Mobile App


Step 2

Install Our App on Your Children Cell Phones and Add Them to Your Account


Step 3

Supervise your child's phone activities with the parental control app

Family Orbit Videos

Discover how parental usage of the Family Orbit application can help monitor and control children’s activities by watching this video. Afterwards you can Sign Up and start using our service today and make certain your child will always be safe.

The News

"In a single day, children in a family might have school, work activities, practices, playdates, and more. For many, this means that the kids don’t always have a parent by their side to keep them safe. This is where Family Orbit can help"

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"Family Orbit lets everyone keep track of everyone else in real time. It goes a long way toward peace of mind for parents and provides a great level of security for kids too"

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"Continuous GPS trackers turned out to be an imperative tool in advancing senior wellbeing and that is something that ought to energize any family worried about the welfare of their elderly friends and family"

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"One of the main hurdles in the digital age is understanding what are kids doing online and how to ensure their online safety. To help parents with this matter, Family Orbit has put together..."

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