Frequently Asked Questions

What is Family Orbit?                

Family Orbit allows you to locate your family members on a real-time map, monitor your child's phone usage, and connect with them when emergency occurs, without the hassle of using noisy public social networks.

What is the difference between the iOS App and iCloud Monitoring?                 

With iCloud Monitoring, you need not install any additional apps or jailbreaks on your phone to start supervising your child’s phone activities. You will also be able to monitor their call history, text messages, browser history and Whatsapp messenger. This would not be possible with iOS app based monitoring.

How can I prevent Family Orbit from tracking me?

At any time, if you had wish not to share your location or other details, just click on the “Go Invisible” button in the bottom toolbar. This facility is available only for adult or guardian members, child accounts cannot access “Go Invisible” feature.

What contents of my child are monitored?

You can monitor your child’s text, call records, location history, web history, calendar, photos and address books. You can also geo-fence and get notified when they arrive at or leave certain specified locations.

How can I delete a member?             

You can delete a child account or your own account. To delete your own account, open the app, go to Account Settings and click on Delete Account. To delete a child account, open the app on your phone, go to Members List, and tap on the Settings button. Then choose "Delete Account" and confirm the operation.

Where do I get the promo code to review Family Orbit on my blog?

Contact Us We would be happy to share a promo code for a Family Orbit Premium subscription so that you can evaluate Family Orbit on your blog or review website. You can also download our Press Kit here.


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