Cell Phone Monitoring Software

Unless you are able to effectively monitor it, your child’s phone can become a portal to bullying, predation and abuse. Now you can take back control of your children’s safety by monitoring how and where they use their phone, as well as whom they are engaging with when they do. With our cell phone monitoring feature, you can track conversations and content across text messages, call records, photos, websites, social media, and more.

Text & Call Logger
Text Messages

View Incoming and Outgoing Text Messages.

Text & Call Logger
Call Records

View Call Details Including Duration and Contact Info.

Text & Call Logger

View Photos and Videos Stored in Your Child's Device.

Text & Call Logger

View Complete URL of Every Websites Visited.

Text & Call Logger

Read WhatsApp Conversations Remotely From Anywhere.

Text & Call Logger
Address Book

Keep an Eye on Your Child's Address Book.

iOS 9.0 - 15.x / Android 4.4 - 12.x

Family Locator

So you want your children to be independent, but you also want to ensure that their safety is never compromised? By being aware of their movements, you alleviate many risks. Now your children can stay curious about life and the world we live in, while you provide the safety net of knowing where they are at all times.

Real-Time GPS Tracker

By tracking your children’s movements, you can make sure that are always where they are supposed to be. With the power of this information, you will be able to act on potentially dangerous situations before it is too late.

Location History

The thought of your child being in danger is a devastating one. Tapping into your child’s location history helps to set your mind at ease. You will be able to see where they were at a given time, allowing you to find them whenever you need to.

Mobile Geofence

Think of a Geofence as an invisible boundary that will notify you if your child’s phone ever steps over it. Without delay, you will know if your child is outside of a geographical safety zone, and quickly be able to take action.

Check-Ins & Emergency

Rather than sitting at home or at work biting your nails with anxiety, you can make sure your children Check-In with you as often as possible. Have the peace of mind of knowing they can get hold of you in the event of an emergency.

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Thanks! I love this service, thank you for offering such a good product. I recently purchased a different program that ended up being a scam, so I am grateful that this one is offered by a good company with great customer service. Thank you!

Parental Insights

Another powerful feature you will get is our Parental Insights dashboard. Our parental monitoring app is A.I. powered, meaning it has been created to spot any signs of inappropriate content, sexting, cyberbullying, or harassment. If anything of this nature is spotted, you will receive a real-time alert.

Text Analysis

You can use our parental control app’s A.I. technology to scan your child’s text messages to determine whether there is any offensive or bullying content. If you find your child is using profane words, conversing with negative sentiments, engaging in sexting, or being bullied, you will be able to take action.

Photos Analysis

Determine whether your child is looking at images they should not be. Protect your child from inappropriate photos, such as those sexual or violent in nature. You can also use the A.I. technology to scan photos for anything inappropriate, including violence, gore, and porn.

Web Analysis

With machine learning, our app learns about your child’s behavior and takes the steps to protect them from browsing websites or content they shouldn’t be. Discover what really interest your kids.

Parental Control Features

With the Parental Control App, you can ensure that modern devices do not take over your children’s lives—allowing you to stay in the driver’s seat when it comes to parenting your children! App and web site blocking is available only for Android. You can monitor app and website activities on iPhone.

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