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Our parental control app is compatible with both Android and iOS, and it gives you the ability to monitor all of your child’s phone activities. You can also view call, website, and text history too, so that you can keep an eye on the sort of content that your child has been viewing. Not only does our app enable you to monitor your child’s activities, but you can use the real-time map feature so that you know where your child is at all times.

Text & Call Logger

Text & Call Logger

Know who your child has been speaking with.         

Text & Call Logger

Location Tracking

Know where your child is at all times.         

Text & Call Logger

Website Activity

Find out what sites your child has been visiting.              

Text & Call Logger

View Photos and Videos

Discover what content your child has access to. Prevent any inappropriate photograph from becoming viral.

Text & Call Logger

Activity Timeline

Put all of the pieces together so you know what your child has been up to.         

Text & Call Logger

Real-Time Alerts

Receive alerts so you can act quickly if your child is in any sort of danger or accessing things they should not be.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android Phones and Tablets.
(iOS 10.0 - 16.x / Android 6.x - 14.x)

Protect Your Child From Cyber Threats

Family Orbit ensures parents are alerted when children are exposed to content they shouldn’t be, whether this is harassment, cyberbullying, or content that is not age-appropriate.

Text & Call Logger


Cyberbullying is rife at the moment. As people can hide behind a computer screen, they feel they have the right to say the most hurtful things. This can be extremely damaging to a child’s emotional state, and our parental control app can help to protect your child from this.

Text & Call Logger

Online Safety

While the web is filled with a lot of great and information sites, there’s also a dark side of the web, which no child should be a part of. We also have to protect our children from people who may be using the Internet to groom children. Our parental app goes a long way to helping with this.

Text & Call Logger

Track Movement

Our parental app also enables you to track the movement of your child so that you know they are where they say they are. If your child is somewhere he/she shouldn’t be, you can act quickly.

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