5 Fun Activities to Engage Your Child Beyond Digital Devices

There are plenty of apps and games out there for the tablet or computer. Whether your child loves to create lives on the SIMS or enjoys old-school fighting games like Street Fighter, there is something for all. Then there’s the ability to stream TV shows and watch movies from the iPad, phone, and more. But you want to get away from the digital devices.

It’s time to step away from the tablets and find other ways to engage your child in fun activities. The five on this list are all ways that you can connect with your children and find new ways to spend time with one another. They can also help to improve the critical thinking and safety of your child.

#1. Explore Nature

Start by taking a trip outside to explore the world around you. Whether you live near a forest, a lake, or you just have a small local park, there is something out there to explore. You can see the animals in their natural habitat and see the plants and trees expand and blow in the wind. This is a perfect time to see how Mother Nature adapts and grows. It’s a chance to see how the weather affects various elements of life around.

engage your kids by exploring nature

Children love exploring nature, especially at a young age. They love getting dirty and seeing more and it can be so much fun for you. Worried about clothes? Put on an old pair of pants and top!

Exploring nature is also good for your children’s activity levels and overall health. Your children are more likely to get the vitamin D they need and exercise levels to tire them out and burn off steam. Their bodies are able to grow in a strong and healthy way, setting them up for good physical health in the future.

#2. Read Books Together

Children love to spend time with their parents, especially in their younger years. Reading books is one of those experiences that your children will always treasure and there are so many fun, exciting books suitable for all ages. Whether it’s picture books with the 4-year-old or a mystery thriller set for 8-11-year-olds, there is something that will entertain you and your children.

Sit down and read the story together. Do this at least for the first one, to show how the pacing in the book can get someone excited and create anticipation. Your children will learn that it’s possible to explore worlds without seeing it all play out for them on the TV. After a while, you’ll find they’re open to picking up books themselves.

#3. Play Board Games Together

Not having the digital devices doesn’t mean you can’t play games. Engage your child in board games. There’s something for all ages, whether they love the cryptic puzzle mysteries like Clue or they prefer creating strategies in something like Risk.

The whole family can get involved in this. Some parents opt for family board game night, as a chance to step away from the devices and just chat and catch up!

#4. Find a Hobby to Take Up

Encourage your child to take up a hobby that is separate from their video games and apps. They may like a sporty hobby like cooking, gymnastics, or football, or they may prefer to do something at home like knitting or jewelry making. There is something for everyone.

If your children love to write, encourage some writing in a notebook. This can help slow down the writing speed, allowing for more critical thinking or just getting the thoughts out on the page. You can also help your child get thoughts out, improving mental health.

#5. Put Together Scrapbooks

Every time you go away somewhere or when you go out on your nature walks, put together a scrapbook to make some memories. Your children will have these to look back over in the future, remembering all the fun times they spent with you and not just the time they spent on their devices or playing their games.

You can be as creative as you want. Engage your child with their imagination, letting them explore their likes and dislikes. They’ll see colors and shapes in a different way the more they do this.

It’s time to step away from the digital devices now and then. Spend time with your children in other ways. Use the above fun activities to engage your child and help them see the world in a new way.

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