How to find hidden apps on Android phone?



Android is an open platform and it allows various tools and apps that allow the user to perform certain discrete tasks such as hiding apps or photos, recording phone calls or installing spyware. As a parent you must be worried about the apps your child use on their Android phone as well as what photos they are storing and sharing with others. Knowing that even when you physically review their cell phone, you may not discover some apps and content that they may be hiding in their phone.


Why Teens use Hidden Apps?


Ethan Zuckerman has said, “Teenagers tend to hide what is really going on in their communication online.” Unfortunately as the child grows to their teenage they drift apart from the parents and start to believe the life or problems they are facing is unique to them and the parents has no experience with it. They may consider their parent to be overprotective, harsh, or not understanding. Gradually this closes the communication more, and they begin to hide and keep secrets.


The hidden apps are their doorway to their secrecy, and it is important for you as a parent to discover and confront the hidden app and further open communication with your child to prevent them in going to a self-destructive path.


What harms may come from using hidden apps?


The teens may be using many apps which are meant for adults or using the social networking apps in a manner that may be harmful to themselves in the long run.


      Sexting: It is a real problem with legal consequences. One innocently shared photo using a hidden app can cause the teenager to end up in Sex offenders list or banned from college admission.

      Cyberbullying: Your teen may be being bullied on the social network or private school network or chat messengers. And they may not wish to share their issue with the parent in fear of them being misunderstood or shame. This may lead to depression including suicidal thoughts.

      Online dating: Youngster are yet exploring their sexuality, and there are many wolves in the face of sheep hiding and praying on young adults bad moves. An innocent looking teenager profile may be of an old paedophile that can cause an everlasting harm on your teen’s life.

      Porn: Your teen may be storing nude photos in their phone, sharing it with others or using cyber sex or web cam sex. However, the teen is aware of the cyber sextortion problems that happen online. A misclick can lead them to a sextortion website that may bully your teen to send their own body photos or video recording. This is a real danger and a parent’s nightmare.


How to find the hidden apps on Android phone?


Without Family Orbit


Grab your teen’s phone and check for following:


      Open Settings->Apps and tap on All apps, review each app.

      Open any File Explorer app on your child’s Android phone and go to its Settings, its usually on the top-right with a three dotted icon view. Now enable the option to “Show hidden files”. Now you can explore the file system to look for hidden files or photos.

      Open Gallery app and go to any folder. Now tap on Settings->disable hidden images to show all the images.


Besides that your teen may be using any of the vast number of apps used to hide photos or apps in their teens phone. Keeping yourself informed of what an specific app does will help you discover the hidden apps.


With Family Orbit


Family Orbit for Android is a comprehensive parental monitoring and filtering software for parents. You can continuously monitor the apps installed on your child’s phone to ensure they are not one used to hide apps. Family Orbit also monitors the photos snapped with the phone camera, call history, text messages and websites visited. This way, Family Orbit can assist you in finding the hidden apps on the Android phone.


As you can see finding hidden apps on the Android phone is not an easy task, but parenting was never easy. Even more in the digital age. Using a parental control and monitoring software like Family Orbit will make digital parenting a lot easier.


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