How to Detect Hidden Spy App on Android or iOS – Infographic

If you have ever done any reading on the nature of mobile threats today it’s likely that you have heard of hidden spyware apps on Android or iPhone in the past. These are apps that can compromise data on your phone, steal any passwords that you submit and even record conversations using your phone microphone.

Learning how to find hidden spy apps on your phone can be an easy process when you are armed with the right knowledge. In this Infographic, we will teach you how to find a spy app on your phone by recognizing a few signs for concern:

A fast draining battery: Many spy apps can drain your battery quite quickly. If you have spy apps on your phone, there is a good chance you won’t be getting the same battery life as before.

Data use charges: If you are running out of data on your phone often or using up data that your phone cannot account for in the data screen, this can be an indication that spy apps are being used.

Not achieving peak performance: If your phone seems slow or certain applications seem to be lagging, this can show that there could be background apps running and taking away from the memory that your phone would normally have dedicated to daily applications.

Weird messages: Just like a pop up on your computer, a hidden spy app will often send advertisements and push notifications that you cannot cancel or hide.

Unusual web activity: If your home screen when you load a browser happens to change or you are constantly brought back to unusual pages in your mobile web browser, this could be signs of browser hijacking from an invasive application. If you find your web browser to be extremely slow, it could be wise not to put in passwords or share personal information over the web.

New apps appearing on your home screen: When you start to see the signs of new applications that you did not install on the home screen, it could be an indication that a hidden spy app now has authorization to install new apps on your phone.

Gain new ideas by browsing through the Infographic below if you are trying to find a stealth spyware app on your Android or iPhone. Be sure to work at deleting these apps as quickly as possible or wiping your phone through a factory reset if you are concerned these apps may be installed. On the other hand, if you wish to monitor your child’s phone activities, consider our parental monitoring software.

How to detect hidden spyware on Android or iPhone

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