11 Reasons Why Kids Should Have Cell Phones

11 Reasons Why Kids Should Have Cell Phones

Cell phones are consistently viewed in a negative light – especially when children are involved. Some parents are mightily against giving their child a phone, while others are more relaxed. 

Well, believe it or not, it could be beneficial for your child to own a cell phone. To help explain this, take a look at these reasons why kids should have cell phones: 

11 Reasons Why Kids Should Have Cell Phones

#1 To keep in touch

What happens if you’re running late picking your child up from school? They’ll be waiting around for ages getting worried. With a cell phone, you can call them to explain the situation. Now, they can hold tight without being concerned. 

The same goes for instances where they may need to get hold of you. Without a cell phone, the only other option is a pay phone. Needless to say, most of these are now extinct. So, to save you from worrying, they can pick up their phone, send a text, and everything is okay. 

#2 To talk to friends

Older children may need a cell phone to talk to their friends. Otherwise, your child will be moping around the house because they have nobody to talk to! With a phone, they can call or text whenever they like. 

This is particularly useful if they have friends that live far away from them. Perhaps they made a friend on holiday once, or maybe someone from their school moved away? Thanks to cell phones, your child can keep in touch with friends from all over the world in an instant. 

#3 To stay safe

Yes, cell phones actually make your children safer. Some phones can be tracked by GPS with phone tracking apps, so you always know where your child is. This can come in handy if they ever get lost – or if there’s an earthquake or natural disaster and you need to know if your child is safe or not. 

Plus, phones have some extra safety features built-in as well. With an iPhone, there’s a setting that lets you trigger an emergency alarm. So, if your child is ever in a situation where they need to draw attention to themselves, then this helps keep them safe. 

#4 To develop essential skills

Like it or not, we live in a tech-driven world. The earlier your child starts using technology, the better. Give your child a cell phone, so they get to grips with a lot of modern techs from a young age. This helps develop their skills and knowledge, which can assist them as they study or look for work later in life. 

Realistically, if a child doesn’t grow up with a cell phone, then they’ll be held back in this modern world. You may not think it matters now, but it will make a big difference when they’re older and applying for jobs. 

#5 To keep them occupied

You don’t have enough time to keep your child occupied all the time. Often, the easiest way to keep them quiet is to let them play a game on your phone. If they have one of their own, then they won’t complain about long car journeys ever again!

#6 To help create memories

The beauty of modern cell phones is that they come with cameras. As such, your child has the ability to create new memories by taking photos of things. The next time you go on holiday as a family, they will take pictures and keep them forever. It strangely makes them more active on holidays and family days out. Instead of skulking around looking bored, they’re actively going around looking for photo opportunities. 

#7 To download educational apps

A cell phone isn’t just for fun. If you’re smart about how your child uses it, then they will learn a lot from it. We’ve already spoken about how they develop technical skills, but they can also develop other skills as well. There are plenty of educational apps to download from various app stores. Here, your child can start improving their math skills, learning a new language, etc. It’s an underrated feature of cell phones; learning on the go. 

#8 To improve their organization

Children can be incredibly unorganized at the best of times. If they have homework to do, then they’ll most likely forget it unless you remind them. A cell phone can solve this issue by giving them tools to improve their daily organization. 

They can use their phone to set reminders, so they never forget to do things. Likewise, there are not taking apps that they can use to their advantage as well. 

#9 To help them get home

Another advantage of a cell phone is that it gives your child access to something like Google Maps. So, if they ever get lost and need to find their way home, then they can use this to help them. The same goes for if you’re out in a busy shopping center or on holiday and they lose sight of you. Tell them where you are, then they can use maps to find you. 

#10 To inspire trust between you

Kids can often feel like you don’t trust them to do anything. A relationship that’s built on trust is a healthy relationship. So, an excellent way to show your children that you trust them is by giving them a cell phone. It’s a big thing to them, and they’ll really feel proud that you trusted them to look after a phone of their own. A small gesture like this can work wonders for your relationship. 

#11 To encourage responsibility

Similarly, it’s a good idea to give your child a cell phone as it encourages responsibility. This will likely be the first expensive piece of equipment they own. Tell them that if it breaks, they have to pay for it. If they run out of credit or go over their monthly allowance, then they pay for it. Doing so teaches them to be responsible and look after their possessions. 

As you can see, giving your kid a cell phone can be very beneficial. There are lots of advantages that come with this, so stop viewing the idea in such a negative light. Just make sure you try and monitor their cell phone usage, so they’re not glued to it 24/7.

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