How can Your Smartphone keep your Family Safe?

The modern world can be a scary place, and it’s normal for parents to have many concerns about their children’s safety today. While it isn’t possible to control everything and ensure a child’s safety at every moment, there are some simple steps that parents can take to protect their kids and put their own minds at ease. A smartphone is something that just about everyone has in their pockets, and with family safety apps installed, they make it possible to keep families safer. Here are 4 ways that your smartphone can help to keep your family safe:

Parents can easily locate kids

With a GPS tracker installed on the cell phone, parents can see their child’s exact location at any given time. It’s the perfect way to make sure that kids actually are where they say they are, or where they are supposed to be. Mom and dad will no longer need to worry about whether their child made it home from school safely, or if their child is venturing beyond the agreed upon area in the neighborhood. Parents can just check in with the app and locate their kids, anytime, and from anywhere. This feature is also useful if families are out in crowded public places, such a shopping mall or an amusement park. If the kids get separated, they can be located quickly and easily.

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Parents can monitor driving speeds

teen driving family safety

When a teen gets their driver’s license and starts heading out on the road without supervision, it can be very nerve wracking for parents. They want to know that their child is driving responsibly and following the speed limits. With a family safety app on the teen’s smartphone, parents can set up an alert that will let them know when the teen exceeds a specified speed limit.

Parents can create a geo fence area

With a geo fence set up on the child’s device, parents have the ability to designate an area that they consider to be a safe zone. Whenever a family member enters or exits the specified geo fence area, parents can receive an alert. This is ideal for allowing kids to play outdoors unsupervised. Parents will no longer need to worry about if their kids have wandered too far from the home, or outside of the safe zone.

Family members can send a panic alert

A panic alert feature allows a child to send out an immediate notification to mom and dad that they are in an emergency situation and need attention right away. This alert goes out to all of the family members, so everyone will be instantly aware via email and a push notification on their phone. This is a good way to give kids peace of mind, since they will be able to get in touch with their parents with the touch of a button if they need help or feel that they are in an unsafe situation.

While a mobile device is a great communication tool, its benefits extend far beyond just that. By using family safety apps on smartphones, parents and kids can enjoy a greater sense of safety.