How Parents Can Limit Screen Time for Their Kids

Limiting the amount of time your kids watch TV and use the computer is important. There are many studies that show too much screen time affects their learning abilities and is linked to various health problems. But limiting screen time can be a cause of friction in homes. You need to do it carefully, making it clear that this is permanent but good for them.

It will also depend on your kids’ ages. Younger children are less likely to understand all the technical terms than teenagers. Here are some tips to help you limit screen time for your kids.

Explain How It Helps Them

They will want to know why you’re suddenly introducing a screen time limit. No matter what age they are, they will need to understand how it helps them to get away from TVs, computers and video games.

Explain in a way that suits their age group. With older teenagers, you can go into the health benefits of limiting screen time and educational benefits of reading books and getting outside. With younger children, you’ll want to keep it as simple as possible.

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Another benefit is to the house bills. If your kids are really kicking up a fuss, make it clear just how much their screen time affects the costs in the home and consider docking it out of their pocket money.

Set an Example

Kids copy their parents. That’s no surprise to you; at least it shouldn’t be. That means you need to set the example for your children. Limit the time that you spend on the computer or in front of the TV. You could pull out more books or find other crafts and hobbies to do that will take you away.

If they see you in front of the screen all the time, why should they be any different? Sure, you may need to use the computer for work, but you can pick and choose the times that you do that. It may be worth waiting until they are in bed to avoid arguments and setting a bad example.

Offer Other Activities

Your kids have gotten so used to having the TV on that they’re not sure what else they can do. They could play a video game…but that means screen time again. They become stuck and start to resent the idea of limited screen time for child safety.

It’s time to think of other activities that they can do, and offer them to help them. This is especially beneficial for the initial transition. They’ll soon realize that only their imagination is stopping them.

Think about different books, craft projects and even fun outside. You could do more as a family to get them away from the computer and TV. After school clubs and sporting events are other great ideas.

Set Up a Parental Monitoring App

Did you know that you can get Family Orbit phone tracking app now to help you limit screen time? These are great for mobile devices and smartphones. You can set up a limit on the amount of time a child uses certain apps for or has the computer on for. This ensures that they don’t use their devices in other rooms, thinking they are getting away with it.

You can also see which apps your children are more likely to use to see if there is anything you should be worried about. This type of app can really help improve child safety.

On top of that, you can prevent use for a certain period before bed and during the night. This helps your kids get a good night’s sleep, so they are ready for school the next day.

You can limit screen time for kids. The first stage is to explain why you are doing this. It’s all about their benefit, even if they don’t see it at first. From there, it’s time to set an example and do something else instead of watching the TV or using the computer. A parental control app could also be a great consideration to improve child safety in your home.

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