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  • View phone data like texts, photos, contacts, and more
  • Track GPS Location From Anywhere
  • Setup Geofence, a boundary area that notifies you when devices leave the area
  • Compatible with Android and iOS (Latest version supported)

Android and iPhone Tracking App

Keep an eagle eye on your kids in real-time with ease by using the Family Orbit Child Phone Tracker App. By knowing where your children are, you can respect their privacy during the day - while knowing they are safe.

What is Family Orbit
- Cell Phone Tracker?

Family Orbit Mobile Tracker is a family phone tracker app that allows you to locate, monitor, and protect your loved ones by tracking their smartphone or tablet. Our easy phone tracking app allows you to track the device using a real-time map to see where they are right away. We also have a unique feature called Geofence, which is an invisible boundary that you set up and will notify you when those boundaries are crossed. In addition to these features, you will also have the ability to monitor activities like call history, text messages, website browsing, photos and more.

What is family orbit - phone tracker app?

24/7 Support

We offer technical support for the Family Orbit app 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you have questions, our team is available and ready to answer them!

Powerful Features

With GPS kid finder and numerous different child phone tracker controls, this family phone tracker app will be exactly what you need to help ease your mind when your children aren’t around you.


Family Orbit is a family phone tracking app for both Android and iPhone, and it’s compatible with the latest updates for both. This app can be downloaded to both phones and tablets as well.

Safe & Secure

Family Orbit is KidSafe+ COPPA Certified through FTC Safe-Harbour Program. We take all possible security measures to protect your child and their phone data.

Tracking Features

Call and SMS Tracker

View all calls and texts that are made through the device. You can see the messages that come through along with the information and number that is reaching out. Make sure your loved ones aren’t being targeted or harassed!

Track Web History

View all sites that your loved ones visit to make sure their phone privileges aren’t being misused. See what they are spending their time on when they surf the web.

GPS Phone Tracker

Track your kids phone in near real-time. Setup notifications and check-ins based on where they are at. Our tools make it simple to see where your loved ones are headed while still giving them space to grow up into young adults.

View Location History

If you need to see the places they have been to in the past, the family locator app logs all locations visited and saves it for you. This allows you to know they are safe right then and there, and it allows you to know of their hangouts in case of emergencies.

Monitor Photos & Videos

View all photos and videos taken with the phone camera along with photos and videos that are downloaded on the device. You’ll have access to monitor how their phone is being used and be sure that they are using it wisely.

Monitor Apps

You can track your child apps being downloaded on the smartphone and if they are right fit for your child. With our Family Orbit Mobile Tracker app, you can now have relief in knowing what apps the kids use while balancing privacy and your concerns.

iPhone Tracker

Our Family Orbit child phone tracker app is iPhone and iPad friendly, and it’s a great tool to ensure your children or other loved ones are being safe. Download the app through the App Store on your Apple device today!

Compatible with iOS 9 - iOS 12 (No jailbreak required)

Android Tracker

Download the Family Orbit child phone tracker app on your and your child's Android device. You can take care of your loved ones and make sure they are safe while still giving them distance to grow up.

Compatible with Android OS 4.4 - 9 (No rooting required)

How It Works

Step 1

Create Your Account on Our Site or Mobile App

how phone tracking app works?

Step 3

Relax While Tracking Your Kid's Phone from Anywhere at Any Time

Easy Phone Tracking App

Why Use a Family Phone Tracker App?

Cell phones are used by children for everything from social media to watching movies. These devices are always at hand and constantly send out location data to a variety of different services. Tap into this wealth of information to keep your children safe today.

Our program is designed to be easy while enabling you to monitor your child regardless of the circumstance. You will be able to track your child with ease as long as the phone is on and connected to the cell phone network.



Family Orbit allows parents to track their child cell phone activities to ensure they are using their cell phone privilege in the right manner. The child tracker app allows you to monitor and view call history, text messages, photos, web history, location history, calendar activities and a lot more. It helps you to watch out for online dangers and be a proactive part of your child's digital world.


Family Orbit is compatible with iOS and Android. It is compatible with the latest updates in the OS which includes Android 4.4 - 9.0, and iOS 9.0 - 12.x. Besides that the tracking app can be used to monitor an Android from an iPhone and vice versa. Family Orbit is also compatible with all carriers like Verizon, AT&T, Orange, Sprint and more.


Family Orbit for Android

To install Family Orbit to an Android device, you need to have physical access to your child's device to download and install the application. You simply open the web browser in the Android phone and download the installer on the phone. Once done you create an account and configure the app as needed.

Family Orbit for iOS

To monitor your child you can opt to use the iCloud or iTunes based monitoring. These methods of monitoring do not require that any app is installed on the child's device. Upon sign up you will receive detailed step-by-step instructions to setup the tracking software for iOS.


If your child device is an iPhone or iPad

The software can be configured remotely without access to the child's device given that you have access to the Apple ID and Password associated with the target device. Please note, if the Apple ID is protected with 2FA, the 2FA code would be sent to the associated devices which you will need to supply to complete setup.

If your child device runs Android OS

To install Family Orbit on your child's Android OS based device, a physical access to the phone is required.


You can access your personal account in the Online Control Panel. You can also choose to download the private phone tracker on your own phone and sign in as parent to monitor the activities remotely.


Yes. We offer 24/7 customer assistance to our valued subscribers. You are given priority support as a valued customer. Visit our Support section to learn more.


There are two methods to purchase the Family Orbit® - Phone Tracking App. You can either subscribe for $19.95 monthly or $89.95 per year.


You can cancel your subscription for the next renewal only. You cannot cancel the subscription for the months already paid for. To cancel the subscription follow the link "Manage Subscription" from your purchase confirmation email or send us a support request here.

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$ 19.95 / month
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Thanks! I love this service, thank you for offering such a good product. I recently purchased a different program that ended up being a scam, so I am grateful that this one is offered by a good company with great customer service. Thank you!

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