The Risks of Unsupervised Internet Access for Kids and Teens

Every parent knows that family safety is a priority, but they may not understand just how dangerous the Internet can be for young people. With a family tracker, it’s simple for parents to take control over what their child can see and do on the web, in order to keep them safe and protected. Here are some of the risks of unsupervised Internet access for kids and teens:

Questionable Content

While the Internet offers us so much knowledge, information, and valuable content, there’s also a great deal of questionable, and inappropriate content online. Young kids and teens can inadvertently stumble onto material that is violent, sexual, or just plain disturbing in nature. The web can be a scary place for kids, and they could view disturbing images or read something that they’ll wish they hadn’t. Family monitoring of Internet access can help parents ensure that their kids aren’t able to view this type of content.

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Online Predators

We often think of predators lurking around in the real world, stalking kids at the playground, or following them home from school, but sadly, many predators are hiding behind their computer screens. They can lure in children and vulnerable teens by posing as their peers. These predators are very cunning, and may be trying to find kids that they can convince to meet up with them, or they may send them inappropriate content over the Internet. They may also try to get personal information out of a child, like their home address or social security number.

Sharing Personal Information

Identity theft is an issue that we all face today, and unfortunately, much of our personal information is now easily accessible on the web. Children can easily mistake a scam website for a legitimate one, and could end up disclosing personal information. They may think that they are signing up for an app or membership to a kid-friendly site, and it could simply be a ploy to get them to enter their parent’s credit card information, address, email address, etc. It’s extremely important that moms and dads explain to their children that they should never give out their personal info online, and they should always ask an adult for permission before signing up for a website or downloading an app or program to the computer, tablet, or mobile device.

Harassment & Bullying

Kids, teens, and adults are on social media today, and it almost seems unavoidable in our modern world. You don’t want your children to feel left out or left behind, but you need to be wary of the dangers of harassment and bullying. Parents used to have to worry about their children being bullied in school or on the playground, but now it has spread to the online realm, too. Not only could your child be a victim of bullies on the web, but they may end up joining other bullies in bothering someone. Parents have to talk to their children, monitor their social media accounts, and make sure that they aren’t the victim of harassment online.

The Internet can be an excellent tool when used safely and appropriately. Unfortunately, there are very real risks and dangers on the web, so it’s up to parents to ensure family safety when giving kids and teens access to the web.

Lauren May

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