What to Do If You Suspect Your Child Is Being Bullied on Social Media

Your child is being bullied on social media. At least, that’s what you believe. There are certain signs that point to this, and you really want to know how to handle it. Is cyber bullying prevention something that you can do? Maybe you can stop it from getting worse and help get the child back you once had.

Here are the tips you need to keep your children safe online.

Be Aware of Their Online Activities

The problem with the Internet is that people can do a lot without you knowing. It’s important to discuss social media safety, especially when you have tweens and young teens. They want to get involved, but there are dangers that they would never know about.

Know the sites that they are visiting and the people they are talking to. Discuss the dangers with them and what they can do if there is trouble. You don’t want them to stop having fun but you want to keep them protected.

cyber bullying prevention

There’s nothing wrong with asking to know their password. It’s worth telling them that this is for protection only, and you will only use the passwords when there is an emergency. You can also ask to be friends with them on the social media site to get an idea of what they get up to and who else they are friends with.

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Discuss Cyber Bullying

If you believe your child is being bullied on social media, talk to them about it. There’s no point ignoring the signs or finding other ways to learn the truth. Talking to them shows that you respect their privacy but also care about them deeply. They are more likely to open up to you because of this sense of respect and love.

They may not notice the initial signs of bullying. This is when cyber bullying prevention comes in. You can alert them to the issues they are facing and help them deal with them quickly and quietly.

Remain calm while discussing cyber bullying and events happening online. Don’t take sides but make it clear that you are there for your child and want to help.

You can also encourage them to block the people being hurtful. It will be a temporary measure, so they can enjoy the time online with their real friends.

Work With Others

Bullying doesn’t just take place online. There are high chances that it also takes place in school or in social groups. It’s important to work with others to find out whether bullying is happening and work on stopping it.

You can work with the school. They will have access to computer logs and may be able to get access to school email accounts if they have been used. The school can also discuss social media safety to a whole group, without picking out the reason for it taking place.

The school may not have any idea bullying is happening because there are so many children. Alerting them to the problem gives the chance for more adults to work to help all individuals. It may turn out your child isn’t the only victim and you’re helping another parent.

Take things carefully when it comes to cyber bullying and social media safety. You want your children to have privacy and enjoy their time with technology, but you also need to make sure they are not falling victim to people. Social media bullying is extremely common, but you can help bring it to an end. Talk to your child and work with the school and other adults to find a solution.

Alexandria Ingham

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