Top 7 Apps Parents Should be Concerned About

Despite the fact that many parents considering handing a mobile phone to their kids a safe way to pass the time, they do need to consider the teens safety as well. In fact, they should have the concern that some apps can leak personal information or, in a few situations, they can watch the web activity of your child or even steal his identity. Here is a quick list with 7 of the most important apps parents need to look out for if they want to think about the child safety.

1. Yik Yak

Yik Yak allows users to post messages that can be seen by 500 people in the neighborhood. Kids can be exposed to a lot of bad content such as sexually explicit stuff, abusive language and they might even be the victim of personal attacks. The worst part is the post are anonymous, so you don’t know who does that.

2. Hidden Apps

This tool hides other applications, so if the child plays on your phone it will hide apps. This can be a very bad thing for adults, especially if they use that particular phone often. Many apps like this one can be found on the market, so keep an eye for such a thing.

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3. Whisper

Whisper is an application that’s focused on anonymous social networking. You just need to add the zip code and it will pair you up with a random stranger. This opens up the door to abuse and other negative stuff, so keep that in mind.


Abuse can be seen on this network as well, especially since it’s one of those apps with a massive exposure all over the globe. It’s very hard for the US law enforcement to identify someone in foreign countries so data/identity thieves or bullies can easily get away with it!

5. Kik

Children use Kik in order to hide text messages from their parents. This also leads to abuse, but it can also lower the overall communication between parents and children. It’s a bad app that you should have a major concern on if you want to maintain your child safety at its best.

6. Snapchat

This app allows users to share images and messages that are deleted very fast after they are seen. This just makes it easy to hide inappropriate messages, and that makes it s very dangerous application.

7. Skout

Skout is a social networking app that allows you to access the users which are based in your proximity. It also focuses on GPS features so that it can accurately locate you and this provide the best results for your area. As expected, this opens up the door for cyber criminals or abusers, so all parents need to focus on removing this app from their child’s phone.

In conclusion, there are many apps that raise a general concern among parents, and for a good reason. Through them, malevolent people can access their information or even steal their identity, not to mention about bullying and other similar things. The best way to approach such a thing is to maintain a good relationship with your child and see what apps he has installed on the phone. It’s a lot easier to remove the malevolent ones this way and keep your family safe!

Alexandru Tanase

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