Why Parental Monitoring Apps are Necessary for Digital Safety

As a parent, it can be tough to know when to tighten the reins on your child’s privacy and when to pull back. The challenges presented by modern technology make it much tougher these days, but they also provide many solutions. It’s inevitable that your tween or teen will own and use a tablet, laptop, or a smartphone at some point, so it’s best to err on the side of caution and keep a close watch over their activity with parental control app. This isn’t about intruding on their privacy, but about protecting them and shielding them from potential dangers that lurk on the web. Here are some critical reasons why parental monitoring apps are necessary for digital safety:

Online harassment

Online harassment can occur through social media sites, email, and other websites. It’s a concern because many tweens or teens can be harassed and bullied on the web, and parents would be none the wiser if they weren’t monitoring their child’s online accounts. This is why it’s so important to check in with their social media activity. Children that are harassed may become withdrawn and depressed. It can have tragic consequences, and if parents are not monitoring and looking for these things, they’ll simply be in the dark until it’s too late.

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Bullying among peers

Much like online harassment, bullying can happen online among peers who know each other from school, social groups, and even just locally. Bullies can use text messaging, emailing, and social media to target and taunt their victims. A young person who is facing bullying at school and through the internet can be too embarrassed to tell their parents. Unfortunately, this has had devastating consequences for many families, and their children have become depressed and taken their own lives. This is an incredibly important reason for parents to monitor their child’s technology regularly.

Risky behavior

If you suspect that your teen may be engaging in risky behavior, such as sexting, drinking, or using drugs, you have to be able to monitor them. It’s as much about their physical and mental health as keeping them from illegal activities. Even if you feel that you can trust your child, it doesn’t hurt to take the initiative to be sure that they’re following the rules and not getting involved in bad behavior. Proper monitoring can prevent problems before they even become an issue.

Building trust

Ultimately, both parents and children should see the use of monitoring apps as a way to build trust and demonstrate responsibility. Kids may not always appreciate the level of protection that parents desire, but it’s necessary for their safety. By using a monitoring app and ensuring that everyone understands how it works, families can build trust and have a more open and honest relationship. The teen years can be a tough time for the relationship between parents and kids, but keeping the lines of communication open is important. For parents, simply keep in mind that someday your children will not only understand your actions, but they’ll appreciate them too.