5 Best Features of a Private Family Social Networking App

Families today seem to be busier than ever, which can make staying connected and staying on top of one another’s schedules difficult. Rather than relying on social media sites and social apps geared towards chatting and sharing with large groups, opt instead for a secure family network. A private family social networking app is the answer for keeping family members in the loop with one another. Here are 5 of the best features the app offers:

Family Locator

Parents may find themselves wondering if their kids got home from school okay, or if they made it to soccer practice on time. The family locator feature makes it easy to get the answer to those questions in an instant. Just check out the real time GPS phone tracker to see the location of any family member at any given time. It’s a great way to have peace of mind. Parents can also set up geo fencing, so if a child leaves the designated area, an alert is sent to mom and dad’s cell phones. Not only does this keep family members informed of one another’s whereabouts throughout the day, but it also helps to keep them safe.


Private family chat

Stay connected throughout the day with the private family chat. It’s a perfect way to keep everyone in the loop and up to date. Not only is it great for staying in constant contact, but it’s also a good tool to keep the communication going between everyone in the family. Use chat to share updates and info, or even just a funny joke with everyone in the family.

Photo Sharing

Capturing and documenting special moments is easier than ever, since the whole family can share their photos in the app. This is a great way to share and save pictures without having to upload them to social media sites. For parents who are concerned about protecting their children’s privacy, it’s an excellent option to keep kids safe. The only people who will be able to view and share the photos are the loved ones included in the private family app.

Shared Calendar

With the shared calendar, everyone in the family app will know when important events are coming up. Kids can just click in to the calendar and see when mom has a meeting, or when dad will be out of town for work. Everyone will be able to add their events to the calendar, making it easy to remember what’s coming up. This can be especially useful for families that are involved with a lot of extracurricular activities and groups. Parents and kids will have their upcoming schedules right there in their pockets.

Check Ins/Panic

When kids need to be picked up in a hurry, they can simply use the panic alert to get their parent’s attention. Check ins make it easy to mark a current location, giving everyone peace of mind. Families will no longer have to wonder where everyone is at any given time.

A private family social networking app is an incredible tool for keeping kids and parents connected today. It has so many features that make it an ideal option for families who want to stay safe, secure and in touch on a daily basis.

Lauren May

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