Is Monitoring Your Child’s Phone Good Parenting?

It’s a question that parents didn’t need to ask in the not so distant past, but today, it’s an essential one. Is it a good idea to monitor your child’s cell phone? If you’ve been struggling to figure it out, the answer is yes, for many reasons. Let’s explore why keeping tabs on your kid’s mobile device with regular cell phone monitoring actually is good parenting:

The risks are real

Cell phones and the Internet present a variety of risks to kids today, including online predators, cyberbullying, sexting, and more. Just a few years ago, parents didn’t need to worry about these issues. Today, they’re a part of our daily lives, as kids are getting their own phones at younger and younger ages. Cell phones are great for families for a variety of reasons, and they make it easier to stay in contact with kids at all times. Parents can use GPS tracking to know their children’s locations, which gives peace of mind.


Parents do have to work to reduce the risks that cell phones present to children, and it can be tough to do without having clear insight into their activities online. If you give your child a cell phone, you have to understand the dangers, and you need to help them understand them, too. Keeping tabs on who they’re communicating with is essential. You need to be able to read their messages, see what apps they’ve installed, and ensure that no one is trying to harm through online harassment and cyberbullying.

Kids need guidance

Children need their parents to give them proper guidance about how to use technology safely. Talking to your kids regularly about the potential dangers that cell phones present opens up communication and conversations about the subject. Be open and honest with kids, making them aware of what to look for, and when to reach out to a trusted adult for help. They may not recognize the signs of a potential predator or a cyberbully on their own.

Taking steps to keep them safe

There are some easy steps that parents can take to keep their children safe on their mobile devices. Installing apps that are designed to give parents more control over the content on the family’s devices is a simple way to stay on top of things. Parents can also regularly check their children’s phone logs, seeing who they’ve called and texted. There are also ways to control the settings by blocking websites, apps, and other content that parents may deem inappropriate.

Cell phone tracking is an important element of good parenting today. As technology advances and becomes a more integral part of our daily lives, parents have to do their best to stay on top of the changes. Kids may not appreciate their parents monitoring their devices right now, but it’s for their safety and security. They’ll be grateful to have access to a device, even if they don’t have complete privacy and control. It’s up to parents to help kids understand why that’s so important in today’s world.

Lauren May

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