How to Block Pornhub on All Your Child’s Devices Today!

The role of every parent is to protect their child from danger and keep them safe from harm. In the past, this role involved parents keeping their children safe from physical danger. However, nowadays, parents and caregivers must also contend with protecting their children from the unpredictable and often unknown risks of the digital world. The threats posed to children’s safety and wellbeing by the internet is a new issue and is evolving continually. The current generation is the very first to be exposed to online content right through childhood, which presents a unique challenge for the adults that are trying to protect them. 

The internet is an incredible resource and brings so many benefits to daily life. From helping friends and family members to stay connected via social media to billions of websites providing information on every possible subject, it is hard to imagine life before the internet came along. While the internet certainly has many valuable uses, there is no denying that it can also have a darker side. For many parents, the mere idea of their child finding inappropriate content online and being exposed to material that is unsuitable for their age is worrying. 

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There is no doubt the internet and the kind of websites their children are viewing are a source of worry for most parents. The very nature of so much information is so readily available makes it a challenge to know exactly what your child is looking at and whether the websites they are using are suitable. The emergence of sites such as Pornhub and other websites that contain explicit content is an additional worry for parents to contend with. Still, it can be challenging to keep children away from these kinds of websites. One major concern is that children could accidentally stumble across explicit online content when innocently looking for other websites. Or, what would be even more worrying is that children may be curious and actively seek out the content without realizing that this is a bad thing to do and entirely inappropriate. 

Knowing that their child has viewed adult content is a terrifying thought for parents and caregivers. Unfortunately, a large portion of young people have seen unwanted explicit content online, and this can have a psychological impact on them. Not understanding what they have viewed can lead to young people feeling upset, distressed, or confused about the content they have seen. Having their child feel this way is a situation every parent wants to avoid, so it is crucial to take action to prevent this from happening. Finding ways to prevent your child from accessing adult content in the first place is the best way to avoid them viewing the content either accidentally or deliberately. Blocking access to websites such as Pornhub on all their devices is an effective method to keep your child away from explicit adult content.

Below we will outline how to block the content and restrict your child’s ability to even access Pornhub on all their devices. Following this guidance will help to keep your child safe from the explicit adult material which is available on the website.

How to Block Pornhub on iPhone and iPad

Does your child have an iPhone, an iPad, or maybe both of these devices? If so, there are some simple steps you can take to ensure they cannot access adult websites on the iOS platform

  1. Firstly, head to the Settings menu and select ScreenTime. This is the same option that enables you to place a time limit on your child using the device. 
  2. Next, tap Content & Privacy Restrictions and switch this option on. 
  3. On the Content & Privacy Restrictions menu, you should see Content Restrictions near the top. Tap the Content Restrictions option. 
  4. Now you should see a Web Content header. Tap the Web Content option immediately under the header.
  5. Finally, you will see two options; Limit Adult Websites and Allowed Websites Only. Selecting the Limit Adult Websites option enables you to add different websites, such as Pornhub, that you want to block. Allowed Websites Only allows your child to only access websites on the ‘allowed’ list.

Blocking the websites in this way should ensure that your child cannot access them from any browser on these devices.

How to Block Pornhub on Android Phones

If your child currently has an Android phone, you can block their access to adult material using the Google Family Link app. Updating your setting on the Family Link app will help you control the sites your child can visit when using the Chrome browser.


  1. Open the Family Link app and select your child.
  2. Tap Manage Settings and select Google Chrome.
  3. You can then select Allow All Sites, Try to Block Explicit Sites, or Only Allow Approved Sites.
  4. To block a specific site such as Pornhub, you can tap Manage Sites.


It is crucial to note that Google states that no filter is perfect, so it is worth keeping this in mind when your child is using Chrome. However, the Try to Block Explicit Sites option should help to hide explicit content when your child is using Google Chrome.

How to Block Pornhub on Windows 10

Are you concerned that your child may stumble across inappropriate material when using their computer? If so, learning how to block Pornhub on Windows 10 is a smart idea. The SurfBlocker app is a really useful tool for ensuring your child cannot access adult content when using Windows 10.

Downloading the SurfBlocker app will enable you to ensure that some potentially harmful or offensive content is blocked automatically. But, there is also the option to identify specific websites to block so that your child cannot access them. Alternatively, you can choose to allow some websites so that your child can only access the sites that you are happy for them to look at. Selecting this option means that your child cannot view any other websites and puts you in more control of the content that they see.

How to Block Pornhub on Mac (macOS)

If your child has access to a Mac and uses Safari to browse the internet, it is helpful to know how to block adult websites on the macOS. If you have a Mac, it is especially useful to understand how to block inappropriate content on the Safari browser as this comes pre-installed on the Mac and is the browser your child is likely to use. Here is how to block adult content on Safari:

  1. Click on the System Preferences option.
  2. Next, click on ScreenTime and then click the Lock icon.
  3. Select the user account that you wish to update.
  4. Go to Content & Privacy and click on Turn On…
  5. Next, select from the available options, the Try to Limit Access to Adult Websites or Allow Access Only to These Websites options are likely to be the options you would prefer.
  6. Once you are satisfied with your selections, just click the Lock icon once again to confirm these changes.

You can find more detailed instructions outlining how to block adult websites on the macOS and when using the Safari browser here.

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Being a parent is never a simple or straightforward job, and there is always so much to consider when it comes to ensuring that your children are safe from harm. The arrival of the internet has prompted a whole new worry for parents to deal with as they attempt to keep their children protected from the hidden dangers of being online. Being aware of which websites your child is looking at and the type of content these sites contain is vital to ensure they do not view inappropriate adult material such as Pornhub. Understanding how to block adult content and equipping yourself with the technology to safeguard your child online is essential to protect them.

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Choosing Family Orbit is an excellent way to track your child’s whereabouts, protect them from cyberbullying, and ensure you know what they are doing when they are online. As Family Orbit works on both iPhone and Android, you can be assured that you won’t need to upgrade your device to access the app. Family Orbit provides the parental control solution you need to help your child stay safe online. Why not download the Family Orbit app today and discover its benefits for yourself?

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