How to Disable Safari on iPhone? And Three Alternative Safe Browsers

If you’ve ever purchased or used an iPhone, then you’ll likely know about the default browser, Safari. This is the standard web browser that iPhone owners use because it comes pre-installed on the device and is also the standard browser across all iOS devices. Safari is rather competent since it gives you access to all websites and is functionally similar to most other browsers. It’s relatively fast and it also comes with many important safety features that will protect you from having your data harvested and used to serve advertisements to you.

When it comes to privacy, Safari is actually one of the better browsers to use. However, there are still a couple of reasons why you may want to look for an alternative.

How to Delete Safari From the iPhone?

Why should I disable Safari on my iPhone?

As we’ve mentioned, Safari is a great option for people that want a safer browsing experience. However, it doesn’t manage to accomplish this perfectly and there are many other browsers that simply do it better.

  • Safari doesn’t have as many customizable options. When compared to third-party browsers, Safari pales in terms of customization and additional features. It’s a very bare and basic browser that people use since it comes with their phone, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick with it. There are safe browser options that can also provide new useful features to improve the overall experience.
  • Safari has trouble with some websites and services. In particular, Safari seems to suffer in terms of performance when it comes to Google services such as search and occasionally Gmail and Google Drive. If you’re a heavy Google services user, then Safari isn’t a great browser of choice due to a lack of stability.
  • Safari doesn’t get as many frequent updates compared to other browsers. This ultimately makes it more vulnerable to exploitation, especially if you’re using an old version of the browser on an iPhone that hasn’t been updated yet. You also don’t get frequent updates that can improve the functionality or features of Safari.

These are some of the most common reasons for disabling Safari from your iPhone. Of course, you might have personal reasons why you may want to do this. Regardless of the reason, let’s explore how you disable Safari and also what you could use as an alternative.

Disabling Safari on your iPhone

The easiest way to disable Safari on your iPhone is to set up Screen Time on your phone. Go into your Settings app, Screen Time, and then tap Content & Privacy. Turn On Content & Privacy Restriction. This is a feature typically used by parents to control what their children can or can’t use on their phone. However, it’s also a great way to make certain apps like Safari disappear. Go to Allowed Apps and Turn the Switch for Safari OFF.

Disable Safari on iPhone

Simply set up a passcode and then find Safari. Tap it to switch it to the Off position and then you’re done! If you want to enable it again, simply enter the passcode to enter the settings and switch it back to the On position. Just make sure that you remember the four-digit passcode or else you won’t be able to change!

Can I delete Safari from my iPhone?

Unfortunately, Safari is a core application for iPhones, meaning it cannot be permanently deleted unless you were to make modifications through jailbreaking. However, this simply isn’t practical for most people and it’s much easier to simply disable it by enabling the above restriction. The Safari App Icon will disappear from your Home screen after disabling the setting above.

How do I clear my Safari history and data?

delete-safari-historyIf you want to make sure that your Safari is clean and not storing any data, then you’ll want to clear your history and website data such as cookies. This not only helps to ensure that your browser runs smoothly, but it also ensures that none of your private information or browsing data is kept on your phone.

To do this, simply open your Settings menu, select Safari, then find the Clear History and Website Data setting. To remove just cookies, you can go to Advanced, Website Data, then Remove All Website Data.

How do I limit inappropriate websites on Safari?

Whether you’re controlling your own browsing safety or setting up an iPhone for your child, it’s possible to limit inappropriate websites from being accessed. You may want to use one of the cell phone parental control apps.

This can be achieved by going to the Settings menu, Screen Time, Content & Privacy Restrictions, Content Restrictions, Web Content and then selecting Limit Adult Websites. This will prevent Safari from being able to access adult content.

For specific websites, you can tap “Add a Website” and choose to Never Allow it to be accessed on the phone.

Safe browser alternatives to Safari

There are three main alternatives to Safari that we can recommend.

  • Tor Browser is an incredibly safe browser that can actually hinder the browsing experience on certain websites. It takes a strong stance against anything that could be abused to steal your data, meaning some websites may load slowly or not even work at all.
  • Brave is a great option that is similar to Google Chrome in terms of the layout and features. It comes with an ad-blocking feature that is incredibly helpful for uncluttered and safe browsing and is simple to use.
  • Firefox has been popular as a desktop browser for many years but has recently picked up traction for being a secure and fast mobile browser as well.

Monitoring Safari web history on iPhone with Family Orbit

If you’re curious about how your iPhone is being used and what websites are being accessed then we suggest using Family Orbit, a powerful parental control app that can be used to monitor Safari web history on iPhone. You can instantly locate the device, monitor any kind of network activity and keep yourself and your family safe with its powerful safety features.


Web safety has always been important, but it’s only just starting to pick up traction since people have realized that the majority of browsers don’t hold on to your information. We hope that this article has been helpful in helping you find browser alternatives and also taught you how to disable Safari if required.

Alexandria Ingham

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