10 Best Family Tracking Apps for Android and iOS [Both Free & Paid]

Ever thought about using a family tracking app? Have you ever heard of one before and do you know what it is capable of doing? The very best family tracking apps are there for you to use to see the whereabouts of your children and family members to ensure they are safe and secure every single day. Designed to be user friendly and interactive, these apps will give you great insights into the locations of your young children, the texts they have received and sent as well as call logs in addition to multiple other benefits that will be truly a vital part of your family’s security.

Child safety is a huge and vital thing for any parent, it is going to be what gives you peace of mind and allows you to rest easier knowing that they are not involved with any unfamiliar people or that they are being bullied or ill-treated via social channels. The family locator feature can make sure that you know where your family is and if you track them if they are out with friends or on the road, you don’t have to worry about them. 

best family tracker apps locate your family 24/7 and protect your loved ones.

What To Look For When Looking For The Best Tracking Apps

Ideally, you need to look for a few key features if you want the most secure app to use for your tracking. Here are the must-have features that will make life much easier:

  • Location History – This shows where the phone has been on a virtual map and what activity in these areas has occurred, photos and videos, etc.
  • Virtual Geofence – General geofencing technology can only deliver an accuracy of around 100-200 meters so it can track when someone is nearby.
  • Speed AlertsThis provides you with driver support and alerts you about overspeeding. Don’t let your child become another story of texting and driving accidents.
  • Real-Time Location – This allows you to see where your relative is in real-time, for example, you could see at 7:38 pm where they were or as near as possible. With technology, you can use a cell phone tracker app to locate a phone by number.
  • Check-Ins – This allows the user to check in on certain locations to ensure that they have arrived safely and to keep track of their location. 
  • SOS Alerts – If there is an issue, you can relay messages and it is a very good form of security that allows you to stay on track.
  • Cross-Platform – The family tracker app that you choose must work between both iOS and Android platforms because you may have a family who prefers a diverse set of mobile devices for themself.

How Does A Family Tracker App Work?

A family locator app finds another phone based on an aerial map and can often be viewed on an interactive map. It looks up another phone’s location through GPS technology and it is a simple and effective way to locate. With a savvy and friendly user interface, it is easy to use and navigate around which will allow you to get notifications and speed alerts which will give you a lot of deep access into the whereabouts of your family. It is compatible with Android and iOS devices and as long as you ensure that the devices are GPS-equipped and that the GPS services are turned on, you will get the exact information that you need. 

All you need to do is sign up, install the app on your device, and also install it on your family device to make sure all are linked up and in good working order, you will be able to monitor remotely also to be sure that your children are not in places they shouldn’t be or talking to people that you do not recognize or trust.

10 Best Family Tracker Apps for Android

Family OrbitFamily Orbit is the app that has it all. In addition to the location services, it also includes more than just location tracking but features that will make your phone tracking much easier and more effective. Family Orbit offers GPS tracking as well as monitoring phone usage to see how long your children have been using their apps and phones, as well as a way to limit screen time to be sure that your child isn’t overusing their phone, as well as a way to take control back to control what they can access. These features make Family Orbit a great choice overall with all these additional features. Family Orbit is $19.95 per month with a free trial. 

Family Orbit - family tracker app

360 Sygic Family LocatorSygic Family Locator app will let you know when a family member’s battery is low and will send you an up-to-date location at the time of notification.  It also alerts you when one of your family members has reached a specified destination. Other positives are that the app helps you track lost or stolen phones and provides a Crash Detection service, getting in touch to offer assistance for a driver. 

GeoZilla – The GeoZilla GPS Tracker device uses GPS and specialized Cell ID technology to accurately locate the device. When GeoZilla Tracker receives the location updates via a wireless GSM network. Then it transmits to the app and you can instantly find the device location.  

Familonet – Share your location every moment, with family and friends, and locate them with just one touch as well as allow automatic notifications that pop up for you to see when other members have reached or left a certain area, such as the supermarket, school, or friend’s house. You can stay connected easily and there is a panic button in case of an emergency. Stay connected with Familonet.

Find My Kids – This is an app that is a GPS location tracker that is designed for child safety and parental control. This can be done discreetly and track your child without them having to even know. You can connect a GPS watch or install an app to track your child’s phone and location instantly.

Family Link – This mobile app allows you to create a specific Google Account for your child. It appears like your own account also but you can set rules and dictate what your child sees, such as how many websites and apps they can access and for how long they can do so. 

family link by google is a family tracker app for android phone

Tracker Sprint Powered by the Safe & Found app, Tracker Sprint provides a parental control platform that provides you with real-time location tracking.

Family Locator – Family Locator lets you stay linked to your family members during the day and will allow you to share statuses via GPS. You can easily install the Life360 Family Locator app on your phone, and invite your family to join also so you can all stay connected. 

T Mobile Family ModeT-mobile family locator software is easy to use as an app on your Android-powered smartphone or logging in to your account via the internet. The app enables you to see other family members and you can all log in and see each other’s location.

Glympse – You can share your real-time location using GPS tracking on your mobile device with Glympse, with any of your family, friends, or even colleagues. You can choose who sees and when and it can be used by parents to monitor children’s habits.

It’s so important to use tracking services to your advantage. It is a way not only to stay safe but also to stay connected and stay in sync with your entire family. You can help coordinate your family events and daily life and be sure that they are not involved with any activity that is dangerous. Particularly important for younger children who may be talking to people they shouldn’t or perhaps even being bullied online. It is a way for parents to stay on top of that and discuss the topic if the need arises. 

These apps will use the Cloud and GPS sensors to safely track and you can update as you go, telling people you will be late, so they do not worry or informing them of your location to prove that you are going to be late for work or late home from your meeting, or even your teenage child who is coming home from a friend’s house, you can ensure that they are in fact doing so.

It allows you to stay on top of things easier as well as features, especially on Family Orbit, that will allow you to keep track of what they are getting up to online. Social media is a scary world and younger children can be easily led and bullied online which is a frightening thought for parents. A lot of family tracking apps are free but they do not often have the features that will really help keep you safe.

Investing in a good app is going to be vital. Whilst these may vary in pricing schemes, you should look for the best features and what will be the best investment for your family. Safety should always come first, so be sure to download the best app that will be the most beneficial to your family, allowing safety and security across all areas. Never worry about your relative again and be aware when they are speeding as well as when they are nearby and when they are due home. It takes the worry out of a lack of communication and allows you to raise the alarm if something is wrong. Take back control today with the best family tracking apps!

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