Should Parents Use Cell Phone Monitoring to Check on Their Kids?

Technology has created many new ways that aid in keeping us safe these days, and when it comes to children, there are some excellent tools that parents can now take advantage of. Cell phone monitoring is one of the simplest and most effective ways for moms and dads to keep tabs on kids of all ages, but many wonder if it crosses a line. Should parents use child monitoring to check up on their kids? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons for and against it:

Benefits of Cell Phone Monitoring

A cell phone has become a powerful and important device for adults, but many children and teens also rely on their cell phones today. Phones serve many purposes, and parents see them as useful tools in helping them to stay connected with their kids throughout the day. Unfortunately, smartphones come with many risks, since they provide easy access to the internet. Parents can feel more in control of their children’s phone usage and their exposure to certain types of content by monitoring them regularly.

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Inappropriate Web Content

By checking up on a child’s phone, parents can make sure that their children aren’t viewing inappropriate or explicit content. Parental control app also allow for the blocking and restricting of certain types of content and specific websites. Parents can have peace of mind by utilizing monitoring and controls on smartphones.


Cyberbullying is another concern today, as many young children and teens can fall victim to harassment through their phones and the internet. Kids who are the victims of a cyberbully may become more withdrawn, secretive, and may even stop using their phone and other mobile devices. When a mom or dad can see the text messages and phone calls that their kids are receiving on their cell phone, they can not only have peace of mind, but also step in to help their child, if needed.

Potential Drawbacks of Child Monitoring

From a parent’s point of view, they have an obligation to ensure their child’s safety at all times. Naturally, moms and dads want to know that their children are safe, healthy, and protected, and cell phone monitoring is an excellent tool. It allows parents to know their child’s location whenever they aren’t together, as well as to see their communications and the web content that they view, but some kids will see this is an invasion of their privacy. Of course, many parents would debate how much privacy their children are actually entitled to, when it comes to their guardians. If a parent uses monitoring and their teen isn’t happy about it, it could cause conflicts. However, many parents do see that the benefits outweigh the potential upset, and they can explain to their children the usefulness and importance of such a service.

The benefits of child monitoring are clear, and it can be extremely helpful for families. The decision to monitor a child’s cell phone is one that every parent must make on their own, and only the parent knows what is best for their family. Ultimately, child monitoring is an excellent way to not only protect your kids, but also to have greater peace of mind when allowing them to own and use a cell phone.

Lauren May

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