Location Tracking 101: What Is the Best App to Track Someone’s Location?

Looking for a way to keep track of your loved ones? Did you know you could use GPS tracking gadgets use signals to check their locations with great accuracy?

Knowing where your family is at all times can help you live with peace of mind. It’s calming to know that (god forbid) anything ever happened to your kids or partner that you’d be able to find where they are in an instant.

But, you’ll need to find the best method for tracking with apps to be efficient when it comes to GPS tracking. Read on to find out more about the available apps and which could be best for your needs.

Location Tracking Made Easy with Apps

Reasons To Track GPS Locations

Indeed, it tells you the real-time position of your children or loved ones for safety and security purposes. Being able to track GPS locations can be a godsend to the police if your child were to ever go missing, or it can help you avoid going to the police at all if you can see they’re safely sulking at one of their friend’s houses after a fight.

Using the Family Orbit app will allow you to keep track of the whole family from one spot on your phone to cover all the potential reasons you may need to track GPS, but there are other less efficient ways too. Let’s take a look.

How to Track a Cell Phone’s Location

Location Tracking of a cell phone is not as complex as you may have believed. In reality, it is one of the simplest things to do, even if you wish to keep the other person in the dark about it.

Google Maps

If you need to discover someone’s whereabouts, one option is to use the Google Maps app because Google’s maps have the most comprehensive maps system in the world.

Your child can simply choose to send you their location using a messenger app like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, or Google Maps.

But what if your child isn’t responding to your texts? Well, then you’re essentially out of luck when it comes to using Google Maps to find real-time GPS locations.

You can see how this can be a huge limitation regarding safety concerns for your loved ones. Yet, there are some upsides for Google Maps too.

Google Maps is often pre-installed on every android smartphone on the market and downloaded on iOS devices too. It’s also completely free.

It’s easy to check up on where your loved ones have been after the fact by checking search history on Google Maps.

You can also utilize an IP address to determine a user’s location. Google Maps provides a free service for locating an IP address. This geo IP tool is handy for determining the track IP address exact location on Google Maps.

This service collects the IP coordinates (latitude and longitude) and utilizes Google Maps to display the approximate location when you enter an IP address.

Can I Track Someone’s Location Without Them Knowing With Google Maps?

The short answer is no.

The party you are trying to track must send you their location.

You cannot make this happen; the phone owner must activate it.

How to Track a Cell Phone’s Location on Find My Apple App

If you’ve got an Apple product you may already be familiar with “Find My iPhone” or iPad etc. This inbuilt app helps you locate your lost devices if they are stolen or misplaced. Were you aware you can also track the locations of your loved ones with these apps?

Find My – Locate Family and Friends

If you want to hunt down a friend or family member’s location, use your Apple device and the Find My app, which allows you to share your location with them or track their location using your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple Watch.

You have to make sure your kid’s devices are paired with the family sharing account to access their location. So make sure you have this set up in the first place.

A downfall of using this app is that a disgruntled teenager or partner can easily turn off their location tracking by removing themselves from the family group. There’s also no built-in parental monitoring.

How to Track Phone Number Location on Apple?

Phone Tracker by Number is a powerful and precise GPS tracker that assists you in locating your phones, as well as your relatives and friends.

It is intended to assist you in locating your family member’s location by cellphone number in a highly accurate and timely manner.

This Phone tracker software allows GPS location tracking between family members and friends in a private network. Add an unlimited number of friends and family members to your network and begin monitoring.

Again, you have to set up every device manually first, and people can easily remove themselves from the tracking list.

How to Track Your Kid’s Phone Using Family Orbit App Without Them Knowing

As a parent, you understand that your children may be reluctant to disclose their locations to you. It is, however, effortless to monitor someone’s phone with or without their knowledge with the Family Orbit app.

To track without them knowing, erase the link message delivered to your child’s phone.

Deleting this link will not affect the one you sent to your phone.

Your WhatsApp choice is the same. Long-press the message you sent to yourself, then tap the delete button and choose to delete for me.

Don’t accidentally click on delete for everyone, or you’ll lose the location sharing message you sent to yourself.

Family Orbit – The Best Location Tracking App for Parents

Parents extensively use phone tracker applications to check their children’s phone activities to keep them safe.

Family Orbit is a fantastic app for tracking your children’s mobile phone’s location, but that’s not all it does. It is a full-service parental monitoring app available for both Android and iOS smartphones.

Just like its name implies, Family Orbit is perfect for keeping track of the whole family too. You can see everyone’s GPS locations, web history, etc., all from one easy-to-use app.

Family Orbit

Features of Family Orbit

Your child’s phone becomes a doorway for bullying and abuse if you cannot supervise it successfully. You can now regain control of your children’s safety by monitoring where and how they use their phones.

You can also check who they interact with when they do. With this cell phone tracking app, you can follow conversations and content across text messages, call records, photographs, websites, social media, and more.

Do you want your children to be self-sufficient but are still worried about their safety? This app allows you to keep an eye from a non-intrusive distance so you won’t entrench your child’s independence.

The Parental Insights dashboard is another helpful tool you will receive from Family Orbit. The app provides a parental monitoring AI-powered tool, which means it can detect any symptoms of inappropriate material, sexting, cyberbullying, or harassment. If anything of this sort is detected, you get notified in real-time.

With this Parental Control App, you can guarantee that contemporary technology does not take over your children’s life. Unfortunately, only Android users can restrict apps and websites, but you can still track app and website activity on an iPhone.

Family Orbit GPS Tracking Benefits

Everyday life for kids usually implies a schedule that seldom deviates. It is possible to spot variances that are the reason for worry by knowing why your child attends on a record basis. It is feasible to detect anything wrong by creating a geo-fence around your young adult’s regular route.

A simple barrier allows you to offer your child independence while still ensuring their safety. It is excellent for parents who have recently obtained their teen’s driver’s license and want to ensure that everything is in order.

Is it Possible to Track a Phone Without Anyone Knowing?

It is feasible to monitor someone’s phone without their consent, but it is also prohibited. Of course, if you obtain someone’s permission to use the tracker, you won’t face any legal consequences.

Which Location Tracking Should You Use?

Location tracking of someone’s phone typically requires installing and authorizing programs on both the target and receiving devices.

Location tracking then becomes easy from there. Now it’s up to you to test out the ways we have discussed above depending on your specific needs.

But we recommend you select Family Orbit because It will notify you anytime your child leaves a safe location, such as your home or school.

It can also track when their battery is going low, as well as a slew of non-GPS-based tracking parameters.

Still, you have any queries regarding how to track a cell phone’s location, you can ask us in the comment section below, or check out our blog for more related articles.

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