Best 5 Message and Call Tracker Apps for Child Monitoring

As modern parents, it is so difficult to keep up with how fast the world is changing, as well as the emerging technologies that are becoming a far greater and more important part of our children’s lives. Monitoring the way kids are using technology, in particular, their phones, is really important. There are so many ways in which children can be put at risk from their devices, and things like sexting, online dangers, and cyberbullying can become huge issues that need to be dealt with in the right sort of way.

So, as parents, we need to be able to find some of the best ways of being able to monitor our children’s phone activity and to make sure they are being safe and careful. Being able to see what they have been doing and who they’ve been conversing with is a hugely important part of this process. So, you need to make sure you look at the best ways of being able to achieve this right now.

Text Message and Call Tracker Apps Review and Download

The best way to do this is to make use of message and call tracker apps that can be used to help you with child monitoring, and finding out what your children are doing on their devices. It might seem like an invasion of privacy, but these days it is important to be safe and give yourself peace of mind. These are 5 of the best message and call tracker apps on the market that you should be considering right now. 

1: Family Orbit 

As one of the leading names on the market, it makes sense that Family Orbit should top our list. This simple and effective app gives such a wide range of great options that parents can use to keep an eye on what their kids are doing. So let’s take a look at some of the key features the Family Orbit app possesses, and why these are helpful for you. 

Features and benefits

  • Text & call logger

Finding out who your child has been calling and the kinds of things they have been texting are important to make sure they aren’t suffering from grooming or developing inappropriate relationships that they shouldn’t be. The text and call logger here allows you to do just that.

  • Activity timeline

The activity timeline allows you to put all of the pieces together and figure out exactly what your child has been up to on their phone. 

  • View photos & videos 

Photos and videos can paint a picture of what your kid has been up to, but you need to be aware that you could open the door to things you may not want to see.

  • Location tracking

Sometimes you may want to be able to track your child’s location and find out where they are to be able to ensure they are safe and sound, and the app can help with this. 

  • Web activity

You may also want to find out the kinds of websites your child has been visiting, and this is something that you can find out via the Family Orbit app. 

If you want to make the most of this and enjoy the benefits of the Family Orbit app, then you should download it right now and sign up for a free trial. The app is compatible with both iOS and Android, and this makes it perfect for smartphone owners.

2: TeenOrbit 

It’s natural for parents these days to worry about the conversations their children are having online, and TeenOrbit is a great resource for parents to figure this out and to be able to enjoy peace of mind when it comes to tracking your kids and what they are doing online.  

Features and benefits

  • Dashboard

The dashboard feature here is one of the most useful elements of this app, and you can use this to navigate exactly the areas you want to be very easily and efficiently.

  • Messages & calls

Being able to track the messages and calls that your child is making can do a lot to help you understand their lives, as well as giving you peace of mind, and TeenOrbit is a great way of allowing you to achieve this. 

  • Contacts

Something else you may want to find out is the contacts your child has in their phone, so you know the kinds of people they are speaking to, and this is another thing you can easily discover through the app. 

  • Reports

How would you like to be able to have a breakdown of your child’s mobile activity emailed to you every week? Well, you can get exactly that with TeenOrbit. 

Now, you should be aware that this is only compatible with iOS, and can be downloaded from the Apple Store. Android users will not be able to use this app.

3: Number Tracker Pro 

Number Tracker Pro is an app that allows you to look up the details of a cell phone number and see who the owner is. That way you can keep up with the people your child is in communication with.  

Features and benefits

The features and benefits on offer here allow you to search using discrete tracking so that you can keep what you are doing under wraps. It also means you can view extensive data from any network, anywhere in the world. You can find the phone owner’s name from a number, find an address and carrier name, track on a map, and more.

Number Tracker Pro

Being able to find out pertinent information on a person just from having their phone number is really great, and this is an important way of making sure you look out for your child’s best interests. Ensuring they are not in communication with anyone dangerous or inappropriate can be found out very easily by making the most of Number Tracker Pro and its features.  

And, the app is compatible with both Android and iOS, and this is something that is essential to helping you improve this. 

4: Hoverwatch for Android

One of the best things about Hoverwatch is how simple it is to use. You literally sign up and can be watching in mere minutes. Being able to monitor your kids in a stress-free way is really important, and this is one of the best apps that can help you with this. 

Features and benefits

  • Facebook and WhatsApp tracking

Keeping an eye on what your kid is up to on social media sites and WhatsApp can give you a window into their life, and this is one of the important features of this app.

  • Remain invisible

Being able to remain invisible and stay anonymous when it comes to tracking your kid online and via their devices is essential for this to be effective, and Hoverwatch allows you to achieve this. 

  • Texts & calls

You need to be able to ensure that you can keep up with the text and call history that your child is posting, as this is a great way of being able to see what they’ve been getting up to. 

  • GPS mobile tracker

Sometimes you may also want to know the location of your child at particular times, and this is an app that allows you to find this out in a simple yet effective way. 

hoverwatch banner

Disclosure: The above is an affiliate link, we may earn a little commission if you choose to purchase the software. The cost to you remains the same.

If you want to find a great message and call tracker app to allow you to track your kid’s activities online, then you should download Hoverwatch, and make use of the free trial that they offer. Download today, and this can help you to enjoy peace of mind and find out what your kid is up to on their phone. 

5: AutoForward Text

AutoForward Text is a phone call and SMS forwarding app that allows parents to find out what their child’s cell phone activity is like. 

Features and benefits

Now, the best thing about AutoForward Text is that you can get a detailed report emailed directly to your chosen email address, that covers things including the calls and SMS messages sent, made, and received, and this is crucial for helping parents to follow what their kids are getting up to online. And the best thing about this is that the first 100 email credits are free, whilst 10,000 credits can be purchased for just $19.95. It will be money well spent if you are able to look after your kid in the process. 

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Being able to keep up with what your child is doing online is so important for parents, and such a vital way of making sure they are safe and sensible. The great news is that there are some amazing apps out there that can help you to track messages, calls, and the internet history of your child, so that you can keep up with what they are doing and who they are communicating with. Make sure you check out this free trial of Family Orbit so you can start resting easier and have better knowledge of what is going on in your child’s life. 

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