Reveal Who Is Texting You From This Number – Texting Enigma Solved

Reveal Who Is Texting You From This Number – Texting Enigma Solved

Ever gotten a text from an unknown number and wished you could figure out who they were? Sometimes, it could be something as harmless as a secret admirer or someone trying to sell you a product. But sometimes, it could be someone with bad intentions. Thankfully, you have plenty of options to identify them!

You can figure out who’s texting you by calling and asking them or checking caller ID apps, contact lists, or reverse phone lookup services. Searching social media can also be helpful, but don’t be afraid to block and report them immediately if they bother you too much!

Read through this guide to discover all the options at your disposal. Learning to use them can make you quite the detective, capable of revealing the unknown person texting you!

How Do You Find Out Who’s Texting You From An Unknown Number?

Suppose you receive one or more texts from an unknown phone number. Ignoring those texts is a valid option, though you’ll be left with the mystery of not knowing who those messages came from.

Alternatively, you can choose to investigate the matter and get to the bottom of who it is that text you.

Thankfully, you have a handful of ways to identify the person behind those unknown texts. Some are more direct than others, and some are more effective in getting you the answers you want.

Here are 5 ways you can reveal who is texting you from behind an unknown number:

Option 1: Call Or Text Them And Ask

Your first and most direct option is to reply to the person who texted you. You can call or text them to ask who they are and who they were trying to contact when they reached out through your phone number.

Remember: it’s always best to err on the side of caution by remaining curious but respectful.

Being polite through your call or text can help you find your desired answers without creating a tense situation.

More often than not, the person who texted you might have mistakenly dialed the wrong number and was trying to reach someone else. That’s especially common if the other person’s phone number is only one or two digits from yours.

In that case, communicating with the anonymous texter directly through a call or text would instantly clear up the misunderstanding and benefit everyone involved. 

Firstly, you’ll figure out who texted you from the unknown number. Secondly, they’ll realize that they have the wrong number and can go about searching for the right one.

In the end, both sides benefit from the interaction!

Option 2: Check Caller ID Apps And Contact Lists

Another option you might find helpful in revealing an unknown texter is to check caller ID apps and contact lists online.

In a nutshell, these apps and lists are databases containing known names and numbers. Those numbers are often contributed by other people who have identified unknown texters and want to share that information with the public. On top of that, researchers and other contributors also add known names and numbers collected from public sources.

A perfect example of such an app is Scannero – Phone Tracker. It allows you to discreetly identify the person behind a phone number and many of their other details.

Then, you can use that information to determine whether you know the texter personally.


If you don’t know them personally, you might want to consider blocking and reporting them through the app they used to reach you. Doing so will ensure no more of their texts will reach you ever again.

Option 3: Use Reverse Phone Lookup Services

CocoLookup Phone Lookup App

Don’t worry if you don’t prefer options 1 and 2. The next one you can consider is using a reverse phone lookup service.

A reverse phone lookup service is the opposite of a public phone book or telephone directory. When you use any of those, you’re trying to find a person’s phone number by searching for their personal or business name.

However, a reverse phone lookup works the other way around. Here, you’re using a phone number to find a person’s personal or business name and other supporting information.

Reverse phone lookup services like CocoLookup are incredibly straightforward to use, and they can get you the information you want within seconds.

Here’s how to use them:

  • Step 1: First, head on over to the reverse phone lookup service’s website (e.g.
  • Step 2: Type the person’s phone number into the search bar and press ‘Start Search’.
  • Step 3: Within seconds, you’ll see names, addresses, and other pieces of information associated with that phone number. It’s that easy!

There are plenty of websites claiming to provide reverse phone lookup services. Sadly, not all of them are as helpful as they claim to be.

That’s why it’s always best to stick to reputable and reliable services like CocoLookup to save yourself time and effort while getting the accurate information you need.

Option 4: Investigate Them On Social Media

Believe it or not, another effective way to identify an unknown texter is just by searching for them on popular social media websites. That’s because users are often required to provide their phone numbers when setting up their profiles.

That means searching for their phone numbers can lead you directly to their profile. As you can imagine, that could provide you with their name, photo, and many more of their details.

Before you start searching for phone numbers on social media platforms, you must first consider your safety and privacy online. On some platforms like LinkedIn, the person you’re searching for can see that you’ve visited their profile.

So, be sure to check your privacy settings before doing your detective work!

Being mindful of your privacy settings works both ways. Remember: if you can find other people on social media using their phone numbers, they can probably do the same to find you as well!

Option 5: Report And Block Them

Last but certainly not least, you can also opt to report and block the person texting you. That’s an especially good idea if they’re harassing you non-stop, and you’d rather not deal with finding out who they are.

Blocking them will immediately stop their messages from reaching you. Meanwhile, you can also report them to your mobile carrier for further action. Depending on the severity of the situation, consider filing a report with the authorities.

Remember: you have every right to take action to protect your safety and privacy. So, don’t be afraid to reach out to the authorities and mobile carriers to see your options for dealing with the unknown and unwanted texter.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are a few more frequently asked questions about dealing with anonymous texters:

1. Is It Safe To Answer An Unknown Text Message To Ask Who They Are?

Yes, it’s generally safe to text someone back and ask them who they are. Being polite and respectful will likely get you a better response. Still, always be careful, and never share your personal information, no matter who they claim to be.

2. How Accurate Are Reverse Phone Lookup Services For Identifying Unknown Numbers?

Reverse phone lookup services rely on publicly-available information to identify phone numbers. So, you’ll have to take the results with a pinch of salt. While these services can be helpful in many situations, they might not have details for private or restricted numbers.

3. Can You Use Social Media Platforms To Identify An Unknown Number That Texted Me?

Yes, you can sometimes find social media profiles tied to the number that texted you. Sometimes, it shows you if the phone number is associated with a business.

4. What Are Some Free Apps To Identify Unknown Callers Or Texters?

You can find many free apps that claim to provide information on unknown callers and texters. While they can be helpful in some situations, reputable apps tend to offer the best features only to paid subscribers.

So, be sure to choose reputable apps with positive reviews and see if their premium features are worth the cost.

5. What Do I Do If I’m Getting Harassed By An Unknown Number Through Texts?

One of the best things you can do when getting harassed by an unknown number through texts is to block the number immediately. Beyond that, you can also report the number to your mobile carrier or the authorities if they continue to be a problem.

Final Thoughts

To recap, you have several options to identify someone texting you from an unknown number. But before you use any of them, remember to always keep your safety and privacy in mind!

Firstly, you can respond to them and ask who they are. Alternatively, you can check caller ID apps and contact lists, reverse phone lookup services, or search for their profile on social media.

In a worst-case scenario, you can block and report their phone number if they continue to bother you. 

Remember: you’ve got plenty of options at your disposal!

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