3 Ways To Track An iPhone Using An Android Phone

These days, we all have small gadgets and pieces of technology that are held dear to us. These small devices are not only luxurious pieces of equipment that allow us to feel well and truly immersed within the 21st century, but they also hold so many vital pieces of information connected to us. A lot of our personal, recreational, and professional lives are carried on the likes of phones and tablets in this day and age, so they’re more than just fun little toys. 

Sometimes, through no fault of our own, these devices can fall from our possession. Whenever we lose something so personal and private like a phone, the anxiety and fear seep more than perhaps we’d like. If you’re an iPhone user, then you’ll know that you can use the Find My iPhone app in order to locate it, should it ever disappear. There are also an array of other apps and software one can use to track an iPhone’s details and behaviour. 

How to track an iPhone using an Android phone?

It’s not as simple if those in your family or friendship circle aren’t also using one. If they’re using an android, then there need to be alternative methods. Thankfully, there are a few ways you can track an iPhone using an android, and they’re fairly easy to get to grips with if you take a little time out to research and read up on. Here are the three we’d like you to know about:

Method One: Family Orbit

Family Orbit is a multi-faceted, all-in-one family tracking app that helps you to watch over and keep track of an iPhone from an Android – or vice versa. With this software, you can do so much with such little effort. Simply buying this software can save you a lot of issues and stress should you feel as though you’d need to keep tabs on a friend or family member’s activity. While it may seem pretty invasive for some, it’s not all that intense, and it’s actually a magnificent piece of kit and will solve so many problems.

With Family Orbit, you can monitor, say, your child’s activity should you feel the need to look out for them as they enter the digital world. You can monitor their text messages, call logs, apps, photos, and web searches discreetly and simply. You can also keep track of other, more exclusive chat services such as WhatsApp, LINE, KiK, and Viber. 

If you feel as though you need to know exactly where someone (again, for example, your child) is, then Family Orbit has GPS phone tracking technology that will tell you the whereabouts of the person you’re targeting. Wherever their iPhone may be, you’ll be able to spot it on a map. 

This software and this company provide a risk-free solution to this kind of problem. No Jailbreak and no lockouts. You simply sign up for a free trial, and you’ll be given all the opportunities and support in the world. You can monitor up to three devices at a time with this deal, so you’ll be able to watch over a few of your close ones as they slowly integrate themselves in their new digital lives and learn what it is to be an iPhone or Android owner/user.  

Method Two: Use iCloud

You don’t need to be using an Apple product in order to access your iCloud. You can simply log into your Apple account using any device, from an Android to any kind of laptop or desktop computer. 

In this instance, you’d open on your Android phone and enter your Apple ID details for the iPhone you wish to find. If you have the Find My app turned on, you’ll be able to view the real-time location of the device. As long as you can access the Apple site and enter the correct details of the device at hand, you’ll be able to login and get tracking. Using the same technology of the iCloud, Family Orbit can also keep a record of the history of locations visited by the phone by periodically fetching the location(s) from the Find My iPhone service. 

Method Three: Google Timeline

Google Maps Timeline is a piece of software that shows you an estimate of places you may have been. It also shows you some of the routes you might have taken based on your location history. This is all private, of course – nobody will be able to see your history; it’s not for anyone else to indulge in. It’s available on mobile and desktop, so if you wish to gather information on both pieces of hardware, then that’s fully available. 

Google Timeline

If you wish to see where you have been and how far you have travelled, you can use Timeline as that measures distances and lets you know the full details. You can also edit or delete locations should it ever flag up any false information. 

Google Timeline will, of course, help one locate their iPhone as it will allow the user to look up whereabouts they were at a specific time. It’ll likely log down the last place the phone was present before it vanished. If it has been stolen, then it will be able to show you on the map where it has visited. 

The three methods on show are all excellent and provide great ways of watching over your own behavior and the behavior of those around you. In a world where we must be increasingly more vigilant, it’s wise to become clued in regarding the safety of your devices. 

It’s clear that while the likes of Family Orbit are right at the top of the list of internet and digital providers. If you feel as though you need to take care of anyone close to you, or you feel as though something ominous is near, Family Orbit can settle many of your nerves. While it’s a paid subscription, it’s by all accounts, a smart investment.

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