How To Track Location From WhatsApp Without Them Knowing [Unveiling the Secrets]

How To Track Location From WhatsApp Without Them Knowing [Unveiling the Secrets]

Do you worry about your kids’ mental health, getting bullied, or being an abduction victim? If so, you’re not alone; these three top the concerns of surveyed American parents. Many also say they worry about their children getting attacked and having substance use issues.

But it’s not just their kids; many people in the U.S. also worry about personal and family safety. So much so that being able to keep themselves and their loved ones safe makes 70% of U.S. adults anxious.

One way to help ease your worries is to learn how to track location from WhatsApp. With its real-time location-sharing feature, you can stay up-to-date on where your loved ones are. You can also use it to get insights into where they’re going or doing.

This comprehensive guide will teach you how to use this WhatsApp feature, so please read on. 

How to Track Location From WhatsApp

The most straightforward way to find someone’s location via WhatsApp is to ask them to share it. However, the device’s Location Services must first be on for this to work. A user must then also enable WhatsApp’s Location Permissions. 

Turning on a Device’s Location Services

To enable Location Services on Android, go to Settings and tap Location. Toggle the switch; it should then say “On.”

To activate Location Services on an iPhone, launch the Settings app. Go to Privacy, then tap Location Services. Toggle the Location Services switch to enable it; it should turn green. 

Enabling WhatsApp’s Location Permissions

Location Permissions let apps access a device’s location. Users can allow apps to access their device’s approximate or precise location or both.

To permit WhatsApp to access an Android device’s location, go to Settings, then Apps. Tap WhatsApp, then Permissions, then Location. Turn on WhatsApp and select “Allow only while using the app” or “Ask every time.”

To do the same on an iPhone, launch the Settings app, then go to Privacy & Security. Tap Location Services and choose “Ask Next Time or When I Share,” “While Using the App,” or “Always.” 

Viewing Someone’s Current Location on WhatsApp

When a person lets you see their location on WhatsApp, they can send you just their current location. It’s a precise location but is static, meaning it won’t change as the person moves about.

To send you their current location on WhatsApp, the person needs to open their chat inbox with you. If using an Android phone, they must tap the paperclip icon, Location, then Send Your Current Location. The steps are nearly identical on an iPhone, except a + icon replaces the paperclip one.

Once the person hits send, you’ll get a WhatsApp notification. When you open the chat, you should see a map thumbnail. Tap that, and you’ll see the person’s location from when they sent the message. 

Viewing Someone’s Live Location on WhatsApp

Live Location is a feature that lets WhatsApp’s over two billion users share their real-time whereabouts. Users can dictate whether and how long they want others to see where they are. Because it’s real-time, their location on the map will move as they do.

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To send you their Live Location, a person must again open their chat inbox with you. If they’re on an Android device, they must tap the paperclip icon, Location, and Share live location. Again, the steps are similar on an iPhone, except they need to tap the + icon.

On Android or iPhone, the sender can choose a sharing duration of 15 minutes, 1 hour, or 8 hours. They can also stop sharing at any time, even before it expires.

When stopped or expired, you’ll no longer be able to see their real-time whereabouts. However, you’ll still see a static thumbnail with the person’s last updated location. 

How to Track Someone on WhatsApp Without Them Knowing for Free

Say you have a teenager whose curfew is at 10 p.m. but is still not home by 10:30. You’ve tried calling them multiple times, but they haven’t answered. The friends they said they’d be with haven’t picked up your calls, either.

Or perhaps you’re traveling in a foreign place with your tweens or teens. They’re generally responsible, so you let them roam around within the area but asked them to meet up with you after 30 minutes. However, they’re now late for 5 or 10 minutes.

Those are all situations that can make any parent panic, especially since over 2,000 U.S. kids go missing every day. These are also the times that may force you to track them without asking their permission. After all, they may already be in harm’s way, making them unable to send you their location.

The good news is that some free apps can help you find a WhatsApp user’s location without them knowing. 

Number Tracker Pro

Number Tracker Pro Software box

This app lets you find someone using only their WhatsApp phone number. It has a free trial account, which you can use in an emergency.

When you perform a search query, the app will send an SMS with a link to the target phone number. The app’s developers claim that when the recipient taps on that link, you can view their live location on a map. They also say the SMS is anonymous, so the receiver won’t know it was you.

To use NumberTrackerPro, you must first sign up for a free account. You may then get charged if you don’t cancel your free trial.

If you check this app’s reviews online, you’ll see some that are positive, claiming it works. However, there are also quite a few complaints that it’s inaccurate.

Another drawback is that you may not get results if the recipient doesn’t tap on the unique SMS link. 

Google Maps Location Sharing

Screenshot of enabling Google Maps location sharing on the iPhone

Google Maps Location Sharing allows you to share your real-time location with anyone. The person you share it with will see your name, photo, and location. They can even see how much battery you have left!

In a typical situation, you’d need to ask a Google account user’s permission to track their location. However, if they can’t, such as in an emergency or danger, you may be able to activate it if you know their Google account credentials. This could be the case if you are a parent who created the account for your minor children.

Sign in to Google Maps using the person’s email account or phone number (which could be the same as their WhatsApp number). Next, tap their profile picture or initials > Location sharing (or Share location) > New share. Choose the duration (15 minutes, one day, or “Until you turn this off”).

Select yourself as the person to share the location with. You can send the link to your Gmail, WhatsApp, iMessage, or mobile number. Finally, tap the Share button. 

The iSharing App

iSharing is another free location-sharing app that lets users share their live location. It requires downloading, installation, and signing up.

You can still use the iSharing app discreetly if you’re legally allowed to track another person, such as your minor kids.

Suppose you have a tween whose smart device runs on your Google account. In this case, you can perform a remote download and installation of the app using the Play Store’s Remote Installation feature. You can then use Chrome Remote Desktop to access your tween’s device from afar and set up the app.

As you can see, using iSharing for discreet location tracking requires you to be quite techy. So, it may not be for everyone, including less tech-savvy folks. 

Location-Sharing Safety Tips for WhatsApp Users

WhatsApp’s location-sharing feature is ideal for finding your family’s location, whether they have an iPhone or an Android device. It’s also perfect for coordinating meet-ups with friends and loved ones, especially if the meet-up point is teeming with other people.

However, you and your loved ones who use WhatsApp should be cautious when using this feature. For example, you should set boundaries such as time limitations on the Live Location feature. Most importantly, share locations only with trusted individuals, not group chats. 

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Tips for Protecting Your Privacy on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is among the most popular and safest messaging platforms, snagging an Excellent rating from PC Magazine. However, its security features won’t help if users don’t implement safety and privacy practices. 

So, to protect your data and digital privacy, here are some tips to follow for staying safe online and whenever you use WhatsApp. 

Block Contacts

You can completely block people from interacting with you on WhatsApp. Once you do, they cannot text, call, or send you their locations. You should do this to users you don’t know or appear to be a threat or a scammer. 

Turn off Automatic Media Downloads

WhatsApp’s media auto-download feature automatically downloads photos, audio, videos, and documents if enabled. So, whenever another WhatsApp user sends you these files, you can immediately access them. Unfortunately, this can put you at risk of unwanted media or files that may contain malware.

Malware, or malicious software, lets criminals steal sensitive information, including your identity. It can also “hostage” your device until you pay a ransom.

That’s enough reason to deactivate WhatsApp’s media auto-download feature and immediately block unknown people. 

Use Live Location Only When Needed

If you’re only staying at home and not going anywhere, there’s no need to have your Live Location turned on. You can simply tell your loved ones where you are.

Alternatively, you can use WhatsApp’s Current Location feature. This can help prevent others from following your movements.

Most importantly, always practice caution when sharing your location. Share it only with trusted people. 

How to Track WhatsApp Messages With Family Orbit

Family Orbit - phone tracker

Family Orbit is a comprehensive family tracker and parental control and monitoring app. It aims to help families stay safe and abreast of each other’s locations.

With Family Orbit, you can keep track of your children’s WhatsApp messages. This can help you determine if anything like abuse, bullying, or predation is going on. You can then take steps immediately if such problems occur.

Aside from WhatsApp, Family Orbit also lets you track the following:

  • SMS or text messages
  • iMessage
  • Call history
  • Websites visited
  • Photo and video galleries
  • Installed apps
  • Contacts

To set up Family Orbit for WhatsApp, plug your child’s device into a computer and create a local backup. Once configured, the app will decode the backups and allow you to monitor the messages. The app will also generate future backups automatically over Wi-Fi.

Responsible and Ethical Use of Location Finding on WhatsApp

It’s legal for parents to use GPS tracking tools for children under 18. However, this doesn’t mean parents should constantly monitor them or do so without their consent. This can damage the trust and relationship between parents and children.

To help lower the risks of such issues, consider following these strategies. 

Clear Communication and Consent

Whether they’re tweens or teens, talk to your children about how vital it is to share their locations.

Don’t use scare tactics; tell them it will help you feel less worried because you love them. They may be more willing to share their locations if you share yours. 

Maintain Appropriate Boundaries

Once a loved one agrees to share their location with you, know when and when not to ask them about it.

Suppose WhatsApp shows your teen is at the mall and they haven’t broken their curfew. There’s no reason to message them asking what they’re doing or why they’re there. This can make them feel like you’re breaching their privacy.

However, if you see your teen somewhere they shouldn’t be, then, by all means, contact them. 

Responsibly Track Your Loved Ones Today

Knowing how to track location from WhatsApp is something every parent should do. However, parents must still practice ethical and responsible strategies when monitoring their kids’ whereabouts.

If you’re ready to monitor your family, tell them why and set boundaries. This can help make everyone feel more at ease while letting them maintain some privacy.

And if you’re a parent who wishes to implement better digital safety and privacy at home, try Family Orbit today. You can do so for free and, from there, decide which plan best suits your household! 

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