Every parent wants what best for their kids, especially when it comes to their safety. In this digital era, it’s important to monitor your child activities on their smartphones to ensure their safety. This is because smartphones expose kids to various risks, such as online predators, adult content, and cyber bullies, among others. That’swhy you need a parental control app.

But what exactly should you look for?

The best parental monitoring apps should have features that will helpyou protect your kids, even from themselves. Such features include content filtering, app blocking, phone activities management, e.g., texting, GPS location tracking, social media management, and web browser monitoring. They should also have key aspects such as a well-designed dashboard, flexible usability, and real-time monitoring notifications.

 Here are the top 6 apps that can help you monitor your kids without them knowing.

1.      Family Orbit

Family Orbit has set gold standards when it comes to parental controls that enable you to install limits on Android, iOS, and Windows devices. It has an integrated system incorporating all aspects of parental control. With a well-designed user interface, the app is easy to use without complexity. It allows you to set limits and boundaries for your children without having to take their freedom away entirely. Its rich feature set includes GPS tracker, phone usage monitoring, screen time limitations, app blocking, web filtering, Geofencing, and many more.

2.      mSpy

mSpy is one of the leading parental control apps. It possesses a fully customized interface with all the necessary functions. This offer a suite of features where parents can read text messages, view call history, block apps and web content, track the child’s location, and monitor internet activities. You can easily install the app without having to be there physically as long as you have the target device’s iCloud account details. The app is compatible with both android and iOS.

3.      Norton Family Premier

Norton Family Premier is a comprehensive parental control app that protects iOS, Android and Windows devices. However, it's not compatible with Macs. It's user-friendly with a well laid out monitoring dashboard and settings menu. You can monitor your child’s web content and be able to view web history by category. Another feature is the location tracker which enables you to know where your kids are. You can get access to their text messages and call logs, installed apps, the videos they watch,as well as be able to limit their screen time.

4.      Qustodio parental control

In this digital era, Qustodio parental control app has proven to be one of the best appsfor managingkids’ online activities. It comes with a powerful filtering technology to protect your child from inappropriate and harmful content. It has a variety of features which enable you to block adult content, view social network activity, track calls and SMS, control games, limit screen time, and track location. This appis compatible with a variety of devices, including Windows, Android, Mac OS X, iOS, Kindle and Nook.

5.      Mobicip

Mobicip has earned itself an A rating when it comes to usability. It's easy to set up and navigate, especially for non-techy savvy parents. It’s compatible with most devices, including iOS, Android, Chromebook, Windows, Mac, Nook, and Kindle. With the software, you can review your child’s apps and their browsing history. You can also block domains, websites or certain keywords to ensure your child is protected from inappropriate content. Its only fault is lack of social network protection features.

6.      Phone Sheriff

Phone Sheriff enables parents to monitor phone usage of their child's cell phone. It works well with all Android phones and tablets. It offers flexible screen time management that enables you to set limits for your kid's online activities. With advanced internet filtering, you can restrict inappropriate content that your kid may come across. This software has an incredibly efficient feature where you can get real-time updates of your child's location. You can monitor text messages, block phone numbers, and have access to their call history. In addition, the app also provides profanity alerts

It’s important for parents to have a solid set of parental controls installed to keep their children safe. Though Android and iOS devices have monitoring and restriction features, you need more robust monitoring software to ensure the safety of your child and be able to guide them as they grow up. All the above monitoring apps are great and undetectable. It’s up to you to decide on the one that fits your needs best.


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